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Then and Now: Where is the Halloween Spirit in you?

By JustPeri Drive October 04, 2018

There was a time where all the Halloween costumes were window-shopped and simple decorations were made from the things lying around the house. But times have changed and everything you see in your neighborhood may have come from different parts of the world. All of this is because you have got access to unlimited trendy Halloween props online which are getting scarier and more innovative every year.


Everything about Halloween has Changed!! Everything

Kids dressed up for Halloween


From dressing-up the kids in cute clothes to fill the platter with delicious food that is not so appetizing from a distance, it was really the 'Nightmare before Christmas'. But there is no denying that everything about the Halloween season has changed and we are still figuring out which version is the better one?

Halloween Costumes: Each one is a show-stopper!

The Halloween Costumes

A decade ago, all that was required to march down the streets for 'Trick or Treating' was scary mask and matching clothes to go with it. It was enough to fill the baskets and boo around with friends. Despite everything that went into the preparation, it was all smiles and laughs at the end when we spread out the day's loot and count our blessings (or candies for that matter).

But that cannot be said for the past years. As the Instagram is filled with Devil' apprentice, the whole feed is loaded with the scariest monsters that ever existed. All the make-up tutorials are one to talk about. And the costumes are getting shorter and techier with time. Nowadays kids can be a real-life zombie to a dope emoji.

And more than anything, the time spent on costumes is getting ridiculously high. From researching online about finding the most perfect non-allergic material for kids to watching the endless YouTube DIY videos, the current generation is focused on eco-friendly Halloween. But the effort is for posting in social media instead of having a good time. On the bright side, costumes are not boring anymore.

Halloween Decoration is anything but cute:

The Halloween Decorations

Gone are the days the Jack-o-lantern haunts the night of the Halloween and witches brimming the sky. The real monsters are out of the graves and it will give spine-chilling encounters that no man can forget. When we finally get over the Labor Day sales, the gifts and animatronics take over the shelf. With online stores start filling out with latest offers and the creepiest of all the toys you can find, you will never know what is coming your way until the deed is done.

Find the motion activated and voice inducing Halloween props at JustPeriDrive!

Real Treats when you Trick or Treat:

Trick or Treat - Halloween

Who would believe if you say you ran dancing in your costumes when you get your hands on one of the chocolate bars? That's a real luxury among the piles of rock-hard candies. And had your stomachache from drowning over the sugary stuff.

Halloween is getting old for treats and filled with a lot of tricks. Yes, all the toxic stuff that comes with those precious looking treats. It's a dilemma for the new moms that worry about what could go wrong from the sweets that their kids acquire. And the moms will be keeping tabs on everything that goes into the mouth of their kids which is very less amusing and kills the Halloween spirit.

The Halloween Party? When did it start anyway?

The Halloween Party - The History

Those days, Halloween parties signified a group of kids roaming the block thirsty for treats. from getting home from school and preparing for the evening, it gets a lot more frantic as the clock ticks by and by the time we exit the front porch, it almost late for the parade.

Now. it's getting more organized and more fun it can get. All the themed parties from young kids to adults, with scheduled activities and invites, lots of party food that zombies will feel appetizing to everything that gives nightmares to a grown adult. Even the companies throwing office Halloween parties that leave the kids no real time for old-school treat or treating. But no doubts its better in its own way.

Without a doubt, the Halloween we celebrated is nothing like what we are expecting to come this October 31st. Both has its own pros and cons, all that lies in the mind of those who accept it. But on a final note, Halloween is all about shopping and decorating the house inside out with the aim to terrorize the neighbor's food with some screams then and now.

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