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Traditional Halloween calls for trick or treating in the streets with houses decorated with hanging witches and ghosts. Jack-o lanterns that are craved from pumpkins and candles inside. Sounds so much like Halloween isn't it but times have changed. With horrific decorations such as animatronics, electric lanterns rolling out and the scariest 3D illusion make-ups and high-end costumes, we are looking at the season's holiday in an unusually pleasant way.  

With everything changing about the pumpkin season, we got some fun ideas to celebrate this October 31st.  

#1 Something Less SCARY! 

With the end of summer, Halloween frenzy hits and some of us start researching how not to get in a costume everyone will be wearing. This may go on and on to find a right set of costumes that match with the current trend but look like a show-stopper. But doing this we allocate a lot of time pre-planning and when something goes wrong, we hit the rock bottom. It is the exact reason that puts us on something we are not comfortable wearing all evening. 

Chill out on costumes. Sometimes less is more. Halloween is not always about Goosebumps. This may loosen you up for the day and lets you have more fun than planning.  

Halloween Costumes - Ideas For Celebration

#2 Exchange Roles with Pets 

Wouldn't be fun to make yourself comfortable in your pet's costumes? The idea has been around for years but still, we think a twist can add some flavor. There is a costume for everything and we believe with unlimited online resources, you can find a life-size replica of your pet. Not just the clothes, Take on their personality for the day. If you have a grumpy cat or all-tails chihuahua, get on their mood and have fun teasing them.  

Pets will be very happy to see their hooman all dressed like them but don't do too much that they will get jealous! And again, it's added fun. 

#3 Adopt different Traditions 

The day of the dead has been celebrated all over the world, we encourage you to have some interesting day imitating their traditions. For instances, in Ireland, people lit open-air bonfires and eat special foods that predict their future. A straw in your bread means a lucky year, so wouldn't it be fun to know who is the lucky one in your house? 

Find out how people around the world celebrate Halloween and add some personal touch.

Halloween For Everyone - Ideas For Celebration

Party games can get weird sometimes! Give a break to pumpkins and try Turnips. HooHoo, they are way scarier. believe us. We know the usual stuff from mummy wrap to treasure hunts,  

#4 Theme-Out 

We have seen it all but have you tried them yourself? If not, take a chance on your favorite themed party or costumes. Brainstorm with your family and set up a theme this year. Stay vintage or go to the future. Pirate or Viking? Haunted house or chocolate factory? there are millions of movies that you can take inspiration from and billion decoration that compliments each theme.  

If you have the time and money, just go for it. But just don't race with anyone on this. There is definitely next year, someone's HALLOWEEN THEMED PARTY may be better. So, do everything with an utter motive to make a kill (Umm, but that we mean to enjoy!) No Judging on Halloween, remember!! 

Halloween Themes

#5 Stay Home or Stay Out All Night 

Some of us may feel this year is off the beat and plans to take a break. Nothing wrong about it. You can either stay home all night or walk around the block to admire others handy work.  If you are so not feeling so Halloweeny, Binge on Netflix. But there is no in-between. There are some movies that will make your hair stand without needing to get out of your house. If you have it in you, go for it. Movies and creepy ghosts are not scary enough? 

Halloween Ideas For Celebration

#6 Ditch your Phones 

Scary isn't it? Are you tough enough for some real Fright Night in woods? We did save the best for the last. Get lost in corn maze or camping in the hallows of the night. With everything you saw on your way, every creek and noise with make you jump. That's exciting, isn't it? After all, a festive season means some good scare, delicious food and plenty of memories. 

Kids Costumes - Halloween Fun Ideas

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