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How to Avoid Injuries while Falling off a skateboard?

By JustPeri Drive January 08, 2019

Skateboarding is one of the fun-filled freestyle sport that many of the kids love. But not many kids are exposed to the true nature of skateboarding that is from learning to perform simple tricks and using E-skateboards for commuting. Because mainly the parents are not willing to risk their kid's health and fear getting injured by falling off the skateboard. 

No sport comes easy and no sportsman has gone without injuries. Some claims that their scars are just a souvenir from the happy times. Also, it is very essential to get your kids outside more often to indulge them in activities other than video games. 

Just to cool thing off and help you one of the weirdest questions in skateboarding is by letting you know how to ensure the safety of the kids by teaching them how to fall off a skateboard in a safe manner.  

Remember, they won't stop falling ever!! There is always something new to perform, all we suggest is them to learn the fall. 

Tips to be safe when falling off a skateboard 

Falling off a skateboard is inevitable. Here are some pro tips for kids to enjoy the sport and avoid injuries. And its lot easier to learn than some tricks. 

#1 Run-Out on Slams 

If possible, try to maximize the time between impact and stopping your skateboard. But it is best to get running on hard slams and sudden stops.  

Place one foot in front of skateboard and quickly run to avoid crashing to the ground. Start with the stationary board and later practice before going to skateparks 

#2 Avoid playing "The Catch" 

Avoid Injuries while falling off skateboards

Get over your instincts to avoid the fall by guard yourself with extended arms. You or your kid is doing no good but getting the most common wrist injury from skateboarding. Use wrist guards but learn how you must lower the impact. It is a good time to "Bend the Knee" and avoid being completely reliant on your hands. 

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#3 Accessorize right 

Wear guards, helmets, kneecaps and gloves just in case in places you want them from getting serious injuries or scraped. Also, ensure the shoe is right for skateboarding. 

#4 Learn to Tuck and Roll  

When falling off midair or aware that safe landing is not possible, it is better to get ready for the fall instead of trying to land. Focus on the body parts that are more fleshy and can take the impact that the elbows and knees. Tuck them in and roll. Use your back or shoulders and roll immediately to distribute the fall. 

#5 Slide Down the Ramp

Avoid Injuries while falling off skateboards 

You would have seen professional fall off their skateboards and slide down smoothly to pick themselves up. And you would have noticed they didn't get any injuries in the process because they learned their safety before their tricks. So just let your kid learn sliding before they start using the ramp. 

Just allow them to slide down the ramp freely and practice with skateboards later. 

#6 Practice, Practice and Practice 

All the safety tips and falling techniques can be practiced without even using a skateboard. More Comfortable one gets with falling, more confident they will become with skateboarding.  

 Learn what are the basic Skatepark etiquette that your kid to know.

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