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Tips on How to Travel with your Drone

By JustPeri Drive January 14, 2019

Let's say you are a travel enthusiast who took interest in aerial photography. And it is safe to assume that you have bought your drone online and have practiced flying it safely following all the rules and regulations that your state allows. If you think you are good to go, we will stop you right there because traveling with drones can be a new chapter you must learn.

Well, it is not as easy as you think but we are here to make it comfortable for you with some tips from those who frequently travel with their drones.

1# Know their Laws

Check the Laws of the country you are visiting before you pack your Drone. Some states in the US allow flying your drones in the permitted airspace while the countries like the UK strictly prohibits Drones anywhere close to the airspace.

2# Use a Carry on Drone Case

Drone Case

It is best to keep your Drone close to yourself. Nobody wants their precious high-valued equipment to be mishandled. Drone cases are the best as it has enough room to store all the parts and extra batteries. Plan in advance how you can travel light with a Drone case.

3# Learn to Deal with Issues

If flying using budget airlines or small airports, people may be concerned knowing drones are flying with them. Never try to conceal your package contents which may raise more suspicion and create unwanted chaos. So. be prepared to deal with minor issues softly.

4# Batteries are another issue

Airlines have a strict protocol with batteries on flights. Know what capacity of the batteries are allowed to be carried. Some recommend carry on and small batteries rather than large ones. Ensure you are not risking your batteries away at the checkpoint which might make your drone useless for rest of the trip.

5# Get Ready for some Attention

Locals may take curiosity in your drone.  With people getting excited over cameras pointed at them, no wonder you can get some serious attention from locals for your flying camera drone. It is one of the best tickets to get to know them and their culture. Take advantage of it while being cautious about it. Also, remember they are valuable assets which may draw bad flock near you if you are watching your back.

6# Try to be Stealthily

It is not recommended but some may disapprove drones and you may not expect to get in trouble for that. It may be tempting to get to the other side of the wall or take a close look at the sacred temple. If you really need that shot, then try to operate your drone from a place where you are not easily visible.

7# Carry some Extras

Extra Propellers and Batteries are good for some emergencies. We know you are confident about your flying abilities and added baggage that you may never get to use but you don't wanna take chances, do you?

8# Plan your Charging Time

Drone Battery

Drones have less flight time so know when you need them and charge ahead. Some unexpected detours are the best to get great aerial photos that you don't wanna miss because you failed to charge your drone. Also, battery performances may change with different weather conditions, so be prepared for that too.

9# Ensure Safety

It is recommended to have your Drones insured before you start traveling. Theft and accidents can be the last thing you want after some miles of traveling.

10# Pack your Batteries Carefully

Use a fire-proof bag to store your batteries which are highly susceptible to heat. It is both safe and recommended if you are taking your drone along with you on the flights.

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