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How to Start Your Own Drone Business?

By JustPeri Drive January 25, 2019

Drones are gaining popularity in Real estate, farming and mapping. And it is a great opportunity for hobbyists to get start their own drone business and get licensed as a professional aerial photo or videographer or get into commercial drone services that are rapidly growing in the upcoming years.

Drones are very easy to fly but need some experience and skill to capture what is needed. Here are some tips and advice that will give you a clear picture on how you can start making from flying your drones.

Prepare yourself to tap into the potential of drone business with these tips

#1 Get Licensed

You must have a valid drone license and pilot certificate to officiate your business dream. Pocket-sized Camera drones need no registration but those heavier than .250 pounds got to be registered ad one must be licensed to operate the drone.

#2 Estimate the cost

Start Your Own Drone Business

People often confuse that one needs to have a drone with high-end features to begin their dream business. Not all times you need costly equipment but there are other things you should get ready for. But setting up as business need some other investments like getting your name out in the market, traveling to client's location and much more.  we recommend you to plan the investing range and prepare a spending plan.

#3 Find Insurance

Ensuring your drone and your equipment has insurance is a good start. Drones can crash easily and get damaged from external factors. Since you will be relying on your drone, it is good to secure your equipment with an insurance plan that you will not end up losing your money after a bad incident. Also, it is recommended to consider insuring your business.

#4 Explore opportunities

Start your own drone business

Seek and explore different niches including commercial drones and find the right industry for you. aerial photography is just the beginning and if you want to add something more to the bag, look for opportunities in the real estate. Also, commercial drones are growing big in construction and farming, so you might wanna take a look in that way too.

#5 Master Technical aspects

Improve the quality of the service by mastering the technical aspects of your chosen industry. Taking a good photo with your drones is a good start but being able to tackle extreme weather and capture a wedding or map a farm under a bad light is some skills you must learn before getting ahead of yourself.

#6 Pre-plan your Marketing

Start Your Own drone business

Marketing is an essential part but many easily neglect. Good marketing will gain more clients in a short period. Get the right people to do the marketing for you and list yourself among other local business top get easily recognized.

#7 Use Social media

Use social media to your advantage to post free snaps for gaining popularity and showcasing your work. Make use of t=all the time you practice to post it on social media like Facebook and Instagram. It lets your work get show-cased without doing much.

#8 Look out for Sales

At some point, you may need to upgrade your equipment. And making use of seasonal sales will lower your investment.

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