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How to Celebrate Valentine's day As a Family?

By JustPeri Drive February 12, 2019

Parents play an essential role in how your kids turn out in the future, with the mass influence of technological age the time spent together hiss been reduced to nothing. Take the opportunity of this Valentine's day to get your kids to appreciate the people around them and let them understand the value of being loved and share love to those who are not lucky as they are.

Also, for couples who are looking for ways to have fun on Valentine's day can consider their kids in the celebration of love and make it a tradition to celebrate Valentine's day as a family.

Here are some ideas and to make fill your day with activities of love and kindness.

#1 Get them excited for the day

Kids are always eager for some celebration. It is very common in schools for involving kids in their friendly Valentine's day celebration to spread love to all the kids. But, make sure you too have a share of their time for the special occasion see how you can spend the available time together.

#2 Help them make presents

Valentine's day as a family

Talk with your kid and ask him or her what is giving them for this February 14th. If they are having difficulty,  you can try to help them out with some ideas and crafts. But do not insist on the gifting tradition if they are not happy and make them feel guilty for it. In that case, let them know they can always ask for your help and you make some cards later together as post- valentine's day celebration.

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#3 Cook cute little hearts

Kids love sweet but not many parents are comfortable with it. But you can make them some yourself or find a local pastry that will bake some cute little hearts for your little ones.

#4 Spread love with family or friends

Valentine's day as a family

You can bring together your kids friends for an evening to get together or visit them with little appreciation gifts. Make sure it reflects the act of love to your kids but not some cool tradition. Let them write handwritten notes or blow balloons for the occasion.

#5 Plan a Love Breakfast together

Start the day with a healthy breakfast with all your family members at once.  Discuss plans and ask them questions on what they are planning to do. Make them understand how much you love spending time with them and why it is very important to celebrate valentine's day as a family.

#6 Read or Teach them

Get them to bed and read a beautiful bedtime story. Let them know how much blessed they are and you are to be in your family. Make a lasting impression with some activities that will remind them to love and appreciate the people in their lives.

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