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Guide to Celebrate Eco-Friendly Halloween

By JustPeri Drive October 10, 2018

We are almost set up for the Halloween with some ideas put together including party ideas and costumes. But a good holiday season means bad for the environment. The Night of spooks calls for major toxic substances from chemical face-paints, packing and millions of candy wrappers introduced into the precious environment. It is our responsibility to take care of the activities that may cause to the future Earthly resources. Here are some ways that will help you celebrate a green Halloween with clean, non-toxic alternatives.

#1 Halloween Costumes DIY

Halloween Costumes - DIY

Not every mom is capable of making an awesome piece of a costume from Pinterest nor they have time stipulated to do that. But those who can do-it-themselves so they can avoid the possible harm caused by the cheap costumes are made from. So, say Big "No" to the clothes that you find in the local stores. They are cheap in both price and quality that will only add up to the waste after being dumped with single-use.

#2 Reusable Lantern instead of Pumpkin Craving

Reusable Jack-O-Lanterns - Halloween

One of the most common activities planned for the Halloween is craving a pumpkin to make a Jack-o-lantern. It is absolute fun and you may argue that the Pumpkins are vegetables and organic that cannot be a problem for celebrating Green Halloween. But it is not the case as the resources and effort that went into the pumpkin from farming, transporting and human resources can go into waste without any use.

A reusable Lantern for decorating your house can save you time and money for the upcoming years. There are a variety of LED candles are considered as a great alternative which is safe to use indoors as Jack-O-Lantern need a flaming candle within it.

Related products: Electric Pumpkin Lights, LED Halloween Skull Candles.

#3 Take a Back Seat with Candies

Halloween Candies

A trip down to the local supermarket will check off the candies of the list. A bunch of packets filled with hundreds of individually wrapped small candies is easy to handout and seem simple. Though it an easy one-step shortcut to celebrate this festive season, we are neglecting the true nature of the trick-or-treating and what potential harm that comes with it.

Instead of store-bought sweets and chocolates, try making some homemade cookies or hand out gifts to the children. Some DIY crafts and art supplies will last longer than the sugar. When making homemade stuff and eatables to hand-out, we recommended you to put on a board to notify your trick-or-treaters about what they are about to get. And also inform the parents in your neighborhood that everything is homemade and safe for their children.

#4 Choose a subtle makeup

Scary Makeup Ideas For Halloween

You cannot nail the trending Instagram horror story looks and 3D face paints without using some undesirable toxic cosmetics. In the eco-friendly terms, the amount of water or tissue you use after-party is a massive discard and waste of resources. The toxins will get mixed with water resources at end of the day. Seemingly innocent face paints and cosmetics are one-way to spoil the environment with one Halloween celebrant at a time.

Organic makeup is recommended but it is pricey too. So, opt for costumes that have minimal use of products and has the same terrifying looks to wear on the Fright night.

#5 Take interest in Cloth carry-all

Cloth Bags For Halloween

Kids often carry a cute little pumpkin basket when they go trick or treating with their family and friends. These are plastic and again plastic has never been a good friend to the environment. So, we suggest you take interest in the cloth-based carry-all that your kids find it easy to use.

Also, they are durable and come in all shapes and sizes that you kids may love. Try matching the theme of their chosen costumes so they can enjoy the evening without hindrance. Bonus: Cloth carryalls can handle more goodies than those paper and plastic bags.

#6 Green Halloween parties

Party Ideas For Halloween

Halloween parties like any other parties use so many disposable items from plates to napkins. To be more conservative on your parties, here are some tips and ideas to celebrate without losing the fun element.

  • make a statement with "green" Halloween and use e-invites to save on paper.
  • encourage your friends to swap costumes or buy from the second sale.
  • pre-plan the entire staples and supplies beforehand to avoid hasty last-minute unhealthy purchases.
  • Dim the lighting and use reusable lights and decor that highlight the theme in an ambient way.
  • Use wooden disposable spoons and cloth napkins to avoid plastic use-and-throw items.
  • Keep a recycle bin just in case and insist your guest to not waste food.

 We are happy to help you celebrate an Eco-friendly Halloween this year and we thank you in advance for showing interest towards green and clean alternatives.

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