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How to Maintain Your Skateboards?

By JustPeri Drive January 11, 2019

Skateboards are tough and strong enough to take abuse but it also tends to wear out soon if not taken care of. If you have gone through our guide to buying the first skateboard, you would know that skates tend to break or wear out sooner or later no matter how much it costs. But you can still see some professional skateboarders proudly showing their first ever purchase. Ever wondered how?  

The magic word is Maintain!! You could too Do-It-Yourself with these quick tips to clean and fix your Skateboards for beginners and kids. 

#1 Adjust your Trucks 

Tighter trucks are easy to control if you are learning to skate. You can do it by tightening the kingpin, the large nut in the center of the truck. Some skaters develop their own style and prefer to have one end being looser than the other end. But for kids and beginners, we recommend you to keep both the trucks consistent until you get the hang of it.  

#2 Clean or replace Griptape 

maintain your skateboards

You can visibly notice that your grip tape is fading. If you are not cleaning it regularly, the dirt may wear it out faster. So, regularly clean it by lightly brushing the marks or with help of erasers. For tough stains, use a wet cloth and dab it dry to avoid getting the deck wet. If you have any rips through the tape, carefully clip out to avoid a tear. Replace worn out tapes if necessary and do-it-yourself easily with the help of a blow dryer or razor. 

#3 Keep the Wheels in place 

After some time, you can feel that your wheels are wobbling because the nuts get loose with use. Occasionally, check and tighten the axle nuts of wheels for better performance but just leave enough room for wheels are free to spin. 

#4 Never mix old Bearings with New 

Clean and lubricate your bearings if your wheels aren't spinning freely. and we believe you would have read and seen so many How-to videos on cleaning your bearing so we will skip on that and move to the most essential tip when it comes to skateboard bearing. 

"If you have worn out bearing in a wheel, do replace both of the bearing at once. Just don't try saving some bucks here, it is not worth it or you have the same problem again in a few weeks. 

#5 Keep your Sk8s indoors 

maintain your skateboards

No brainer but many forget that nature can destroy your skateboard for good. It's not like it is against it, after all, it is wood but the prolonged exposure to different temperature and weather can cause considerable damage. Always store your sk8s in a dry place to avoid dust and moist ruining your board over time. 

#6 Sand down splintered wood 

Wood chip when they are exposed to sudden high-pressure impacts. And beginners are very good at making rookie mistakes that result in boards flying in all directions. So, instead of worrying about replacements, you can simply round off sharp edges and take care of bad chips in the deck else your tail will start to wear thin.  

#7 Replace parts to be safe 

If you got flat spots on the wheels or see fractures developing on the deck, it is probably time to make some replacements. After all, there is always something new to learn in skateboarding and if you are in for replacements, we guarantee you are the right track.


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