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More Sports and Less Tech is What Our Kids Need

By JustPeri Drive February 19, 2019

Being a parent got a lot tougher than it has ever been for our ancestors. With more tech coming to the play, millennials parents are praying for some safety net to save their kids from the technology. Smart devices that have been introduced in recent years is literally infiltrating into our homes.

There are making life easier except for parents who wish for their kids to live life outside the "non-existent" virtual realm.

Who should we blame? Technology or Ourselves?

More Sports and Less Tech For Your Kids

We are the one to blame as we are teaching our kids that smartphones are an essential part of our life. Indeed it is but kids should not be reliant on technology and get confided in the indoors. That's definitely not the parenting.

From playing a lullaby on the iPad to our newborns to installing a brand new PlayStation in their rooms, parents are excusing themselves from the "Actual Parenting Roles". You may say "Everybody Does That!!" but what you don't know is Silicon Valley parent is following tech-free rule inside their homes.

Bit shocking but they must have known something that we don't already. Simply they first handedly know that the technology is too much indulging for the kids. So, if they can do it being in Silicon Valley, why can't we?

How to Get your kids to play outside?

More Sports and Less Tech For Your Kids

We fear to face the truth but we also are the generation who do things differently. So, if it is anything that is not possible, we can find a way to just do that. Let's get started.

Some ways of teaching your kids to play outside without indulging them into screens,

  • Spend more time together. It all starts with you. So, make plans and take them to show the world (or the nearby skatepark) for that matter!!
  • Get more ideas for How to have family time without tech.
  • Inspire them with your golden days. We bet you have done some quirky stuff in the past if it is anything but embarrassing, show off your moves.
  • Buy some cool toys that they couldn't resist. Do you know that the toys your kids' play can directly impact their careers choices? So make the right choices and help them choose their toys.
  • Check out toy collection to find something amazing for your kids.
  • Limit usage slowly in a healthy way. And if they are yet to be exposed to the smartphones (applicable to newborns and to expecting parents only//-), you can go Hitler on them if it is necessary. But that, we mean strictly prohibiting them to overuse tech gadgets and enhancing their physical activities and sports.
  • Let them earn it
  • Teach them there are other things that need attention. Reward them with some tech time once their task is completed. Teach them responsibility rather than implementing authority. Again, a kid can learn the responsibilities of their parents. Show them what it means than just using words.

Just remember technology is an add-on to life not the other way around.

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