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How to get your RC cars Ready for Every Race?

By JustPeri Drive January 29, 2019

RC racing is one of the arena where the fun meets technology. Many racers who are seriously into off-road and on-road RC racing can tell you that they would be prepared anytime for a race if their buddy strikes up a surprise challenge.  

If you are new to the world of RC racing and need some tips for yourself to keep your RC cars ready for the race, then you can search no further.  

Here are the tips to make sure your RCs are ready for the race no matter the time or place.  

#1 Check for Flat Spots 

Tires can get flat spots after a prolonged sitting which is why we recommend you to store your tires in a rack. Flat spots are bad for any racing and can lower the traction on course. Hence, you must get yourself a new set of tires and store these in a better place it deserves.  

#2 Break New threads in 

Get Your RC car ready

Tires that are broken in are faster and has more grip than New ones. But the tires don't age well and someday you will see yourself buying a replacement. If you are a beginner you might as well get them sooner. 

So, perform some practice runs before racing with new tires. Because a race is no good time to test your new RC tires. 

#3 Check and Upgrade your batteries 

In winter, the battery may lack in its performance. So check whether the voltage is steady or not for consistent racing. If not, try to get a fresh set of batteries and store them in a clean dry place. 

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#4 Adjust Ride Height 

Get Your RC car ready

It can make or break your RC racing dream. It is very crucial for RC racing and only takes few minutes to do so. so never forget to adjust the ride height as required for the track. 

#5 Shock Absorbers 

A bad shock absorber can damage your RC while taking a bad landing. If you like off-road racing, you will have to say goodbye to your RCs if the shock rings are not working properly. After some time it tends to get swollen or disfigured hence check it before each race and replace if needed. 

#6 Clean Suspension 

Dust and dirt may hinder your suspension. If you hear any squeaky noise wipe clean the hinge pins. Many those who know how to maintain RC cars may forget to check the suspension. So, occasionally keep an eye on it for better racing. 

#7 Be prepared 

Take all the tools and spares for the race. It may come handy at some point of the race. If you are taking your RC out for a ride, you must take your tool kit along all the time. No excuses. 

#8 Stay ahead  

Keep yourself updated with what upgrades other players made. There is no point racing some brand new powerful motor which already claimed the winning title before starting its engine. See how you can improve your tires, motor to win the race or stay away from it. 

 Rc racing can be fun and you can feel the adrenaline rush as in the real racing. So, follow the tips to get yourself and your RC ready for the race.  

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