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How to Buy an Electric Skateboard: Buyer's Guide

By JustPeri Drive September 10, 2018

Electric Skateboard has been there for many years but the newer versions are lighter and better than its ancestors. If this is your first electronic skateboard, this guide has a list of key performance factors that you must check before buying your board.

5 important Specification to check for in your next electric skateboard

#1 Waterproof Design is a must

You may encounter an unexpected weather or water log on your path that will seriously damage your electric board if it's not waterproofed. Most of the latest designs have enclosed circuit that offers environmental protection but check the model you are buying has one.

Waterproof Design is a must

Also, the drive may get clogged when encountering wet surfaces. This can be felt through reduced transmission speed and prominent during braking. Occasionally, clean your drive components for longer life. If you are not fond of maintenance, you can opt for direct drive or hub motor that is both maintenance free and safe from water.

#2 Reliable warranty period

A simple notebook rule, if the manufacturer doesn't trust the product enough to give a decent warranty period, why should we? And not all damages are covered under warranty of the product, so you don't get to abuse it and claim the warranty. With that in mind, we will discuss how a good warranty will help you buy your electric skateboard.

Longer the duration, it is better. Then check for the availability of replacement parts, are you allowed to repair it yourself or spend the whole product to the company? How easy to make claims? Also, check them online for customer service and rating.

#3 Battery Capacity and size

Unlike traditional skateboards, you cannot simply push your electric board home. The motor drive will oppose your manual input and you will feel it in your legs for several days. Only a decent load will ensure your ride back home by that we mean a good hour ride capacity and at least 20 miles range.

Check out our electric Skateboard with Samsung battery

Battery Capacity and size

If you are heavier or taller, the load applied will be more with increased air resistance and the manufacturer specification may vary with your body type. So, it is good to go for a bigger battery. And a larger battery is a better investment than smaller packs over a long period.

Note: Some Airlines restrict the battery size to 99wh i.e. around 6-mile ride capacity. Make sure you check the particulars if you are planning to travel with your electric skateboard.

#4 Serviceability

Apart from the warranty, a customer has to replace small components along the way for the proper functioning of the skateboard. Not many manufacturers allow this as the electronic system is advanced and integrated for better performance. The issue can only be resolved with their help else it would be difficult to find the right replacement for the parts.

As a user, we should be able to repair any small issues ourselves. So, buy an electric skateboard that uses standard hardware.

#5 Customizable to your need

Every rider has a unique style and not all electric skateboards fit yours. In order to get most of them, look for a customizable deck. An unfamiliar deck can imbalance and it may get worse with speed the electric skateboard offers. We recommend freestyle longboard with kick tail feature.

If you are new to skateboarding, check out this simple guide to buy your first skateboard.

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Skateboarding is a fun art many of us love. And this simple beginner's guide will help you buy your first skateboard.

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