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6 Uncommon RC questions answered: Interesting Facts

By JustPeri Drive September 04, 2018

Having a hobby is satisfying but having a passion for RC cars is more satisfying. If you are one of those who can't get enough of RCs and Remote controls, this blog listing few less commonly asked RC questions will appeal to your cravings.

So, let get started!!

#1 RCs and Remote control are Different terms

Simply RC stands for Radio Control while the Remote control refers to anything that you can control from a distance. Many of us misunderstand it and use the RC as an abbreviation for a remote control vehicle or toy.

There is nothing wrong but it may confuse some into buying other remote control toys instead of Radio Controlled Car. 

Finally, all RCs toys and vehicles come under remote control and not all remote controls are RCs.

#2 Are RC cars only for children?

Not necessarily but most of them are. RCs toys with simple controls and purely entertainment based are manufactured for children. But some models are more advanced with real nitro engines and higher speeds that need skills. Some collect it for hobbies while other race with it. There are many RCs types and models that can make a grown man delightful at the sight of it. Even RCs needs good investment and maintenance to handle. So, it's not childish or silly to have interest towards these toys.

#3 How expensive can RCs get?

How expensive can Rc get

Basic models have simple features and cost much less. But there are RC cars that are powered by nitro engines and have parts that are way costlier than a whole basic model. It all depends on your skill level and what you are planning to do with your RCs. Competitive racing involves refined body, higher speeds of 100mph and more complicated controls. It can cost anywhere between thousands. Once again, having a taste for remote-controlled gadgets is not a trivial thing.

#4 What is the future of RCs?

They don't seem to go outdated anytime sooner!! The Models are constantly evolving into more fierce and robust with complicated controls. But the latest gadgets can be connected to smartphones for easy navigation. So, there is no saying when we will get over it.

#5 What are other types of RCs?

Generally, RC vehicles like cars, helicopters, boats and planes top any search engine. But there are tanks and submarines that can tickle your taste and give a whole different experience. Drones are also getting popular which comes under remote control gadgets. If you are very keen on these, you might need to check out our drone collection.

#6 How easily can they break?

How easily can they break

Every RC enthusiast has a deep fear of breaking their models. It all depends on the quality and usage of the product. If you lack the skill, you may find your taking bumps on the beginning stages but will eventually get better with practice.

And each RC are specifically built for different conditions if you want speed, choose a lighter model. The rough track needs sturdy trucks. You must know which type of RC you will be needing else there is a good chance to break it before you start.

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