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A Simple Guide to Buy your First Skateboard

By JustPeri Drive July 18, 2018

If there is anything that cannot be forgotten in this smartphone age, it will be Skateboarding. Well, we might google the skating tricks and look at them in awe but ever thought you could get to try them yourself? If you did, it's about time to try your chance on skateboarding.

As predictable as we are, we ended up looking up the internet only to find endless information on varieties of boards, decks, trucks and wheels for an infinite combination. Those articles only serve to confuse the reader instead of guiding them.

Skateboard Style

So, here we are with 5 simple tips to help you buy your own first-ever skateboard. The only way to enjoy the sport is to get them started right away in a right way.

1) Choose Pre-built Complete Skateboards

It can be tempting to build your own first skates but we don't recommend you to assemble them yet. Pre-builts are cheaper than finding parts of the same quality. Since you are new to skateboarding, it is easy for you to get carried away with fancy looking stuff instead of the right ones.

Complete Skateboards are paired with the right parameters that will get you started.

2) Get over the Plastic

Yes, plastics are cheap but not a good investment. They are cheap for a reason because as a newbie, you will be rusty around the edges. And with plastic models, you will never maneuver from a point of an amateur. Find a good wooden skateboard deck that has both quality and durability. As far as other materials is concerned, they are costly and serve you in the future.

3)  Don't go big on money

If you want to look great for your Instagram profile posing alongside your fancy decks, we won't mind you. But you want to q learn the sport, be ready to get dirty. Yes, you can check out the professional skaters using a sponsored boards but let us remind you, it's not their first board.

                                          Skateboard - Dont go big on money

Find a simple looking board with highlights that match our taste. Remember, just because boards are costly doesn't mean they will last forever. Just find a quality one for a better price.

4) Get Your Grip

We literally mean it. Grip tapes are necessary from your first ride. Mostly, all complete models come with it. Or just make a small purchase that you will not regret.

5) Buy your Own board.

With all the thinking, we may just conclude to borrow other's until you get the knack. No, it will only waste your time. Limitation of usage can deter your interest to pursue skating. You will only end up convincing yourself, skateboarding is not for you. But the truth is you never really tired at first place.

Just go on and check out our premium skateboard collection that is on sale. We guarantee that you will not regret buying your first skateboard with us. Here is a short video to get you through basics to buy a skateboard

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Skateboarding is a fun art many of us love. And this simple beginner's guide will help you buy your first skateboard.

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