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Drones are Easy to Fly: Understanding Drones

By JustPeri Drive August 23, 2018

It is easy to assume that a drone with a camera is hard to fly and only a professional drone flight controller can get the best use of it but it is not entirely true. One needs good hand-eye ordination to capture a perfect shot because RC drones are easy to crash. Also, it does not require more technical knowledge and wind parameters for flying an UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). It is a simple Remote Controlled flying toy with a camera to record a flight. If you can use an iPhone or an Android device, you can make this UAV flying in no time.

If you are one among those who need to buy a drone, you know it is the right choice for adding a different perspective to your photo albums. If you find it difficult, we will provide you with Beginner's guide you with some basics of understanding how your drone is controlled for successful flight.

How Does a Drone work?
First, Let’s take time to Understand the Sensors.
Latest drones packed with a variety of sensors with intent to make your job easy but it will be fruitless if you don't understand their working. Unlike cameras, these gadgets come with sensors take in the environmental factors to balance altitude, position and light. Here are some common sensors almost every camera drone has,

GPS - We all are aware of the purpose of this but it is crucial in an UAV because it is necessary to track them and locate them. Without a good signal, you have to be careful with your own senses. So, if you are planning a trip into deep forest or places that may lack signal, you better know how to not lose them at first place.
Drone GPS
Compass - Another most important one is this compass. If you get it right, you will be on the safer side or you have to face a good amount of difficulty controlling your flight. Compass and GPS work together to navigate and fly in said directions. If it has interfered with other false signals, you are flying your drone into danger zone if you don't notice it right away.
Light Sensor - Latest versions are smaller and better for carrying it around, also, capturing a good picture needs a right amount of light. So, this one will adjust and help with taking an aerial photo without worrying about the brightness of the surrounding.

Gyro-scope sensor - It may sound complicated but it is there to uncomplicate things like balance. Once you stir and turn your drones, it will be hard to maintain a level with the ground. Gyro-scope will ease that and keep the UAV steady in the air for best aerial shot.

Real Time FPV
Check out our Selfie drone with real-time FPV that you can control by tilting your smartphone.

Is Understanding sensors is enough to fly?
Not yet but you are almost there. Like any RC controlled gadgets, you will need to get familiar with the controls. Every company has their own features and variable designs, so we recommend you to do some things before making the first flight. Again, flying drone with a camera is easy than you think if you know what you are doing.

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