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Skateboarding is a freestyle sport in which people from all walks of life take interest as it has no set of rules and more of a creative, independent and fun activity. Like bro code, some code of conduct and underlying etiquette exist between the skaters. The existence of such non-specified rules keeps skating fun and safe for everyone.

So, here are some important one to remember,

#1 Snaking

You would have heard of it in the skateboarding or other similar sports community. Because it is the most common felony one may commit with or without intentions. It is simply cutting in or stealing someone's turn and the best way to get frowned upon. Would you like if other person did run before you could when it is your turn? Nobody does because it is not funny when you are the victim.

Also, accidents may happen when you snake someone else while they are still on it.

#2 Watch Out

Skatepark Etiquette

Always keep an eye on other fellow riders when you are in the skatepark.

  • Avoid moving around and crossing path with others.
  • Never stand in the middle of the arena.
  • You can always wait in the corners or on the edges.

#3 A right place to sit

 You will be tempted to sit around and watch others but skateparks can be deceiving. If you think the bench and the raised platforms are for spectators. We assure you it is definitely not for resting. Look out for other skaters rest spot and join them.

A right place to sit in a skatepark

#4 Avoid 'coping'

Around the edges, you can notice that there is a metal guiding which used to stalling. So, anywhere close to it is not safe for you and the rider. Always stay at least of a foot distance or more as a form of respect.

#5 One-upping is rude

If you got to know a trick that someone is performing, don't just show it off to them at the same time. It is impolite and not necessary.

#6 Let Out A Scream

Anyone can slip on a board and lose it when in the air. It happens a lot and so does accidents if got hit by it. Yell out a warning 'Board' to those around the proximity of the board. Believe us, this simple act is very well appreciated.

#7 Make friends

Skatepark is the best place to make friends and learn from others. Every smile and cheer will get a friendly nod towards you next time. Fist bump on tricks and get the fun going.

Just follow this simple etiquette and you will start enjoying the sport more than ever.

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