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6 Things To Do Before You Fly Your Drone

By JustPeri Drive August 01, 2018

Getting your Drone delivered is an exciting thing, yes! But this is where things can go wrong if start flying your drone right after unboxing them. So, there are certain factors to be taken care of before taking your drone for its first flight.

#1 Avoid Indoor flying

Indoor Flying Drone

There is no rule as such that applies here but it is a fair warning is this is your first UAV. It is very challenging to fly a drone for beginners and navigate through plenty of objects. Even if you upgraded to a new one, it is better to take it outdoors to get to know the controls. Within a room, there will be plenty of objects lying around that can be an obstacle for flying. So, take it easy on your first flight.

#2 Practice Take-off and landing your drone

Whatever your ideas for the drone be, getting started with controls is an important step necessary to make a smooth flight. You might, also, need to understand drone working. Just begin with starting your rotors and try flying it few feet from the ground. Then, perfect your landing, believe us, it will help you many times.

Also, we recommend you to stay in a still position which wavering too much. Finally, start practicing navigating and turns before taking photos with it. All the while, just keep your recording on so you may get promising clips in end of the day.

Easy Tip: All the while, just keep your recording on so you may get promising clips in end of the day.

#3 Register to avoid legal issues.

Yes, there are regulations regarding airspace that you should know to avoid any legal complaints against you and your drone. To stay safe from trouble, register at

In simple words, Avoid airports and hitting planes. Sounds surreal but there are many cases that you will thank us later for warning you.

#4 Accessorize

When you all set, some add-on like FPV will really make it enjoyable for you even if you make a horrible flight. Guards and LEDs will help you spare some major damage. There is a lot of stuff online so start with basics and necessary ones.

#5 Connect Drones in a smart way

Connect Drones in a Smart Way

We can manage anything with millions of apps and drones are no exception. There are apps that are specifically made for helping you and your drones in real time while others can guide with locating them and places you can find them.

Some drone company has their own beautifying app like Eachine E51- Foldable Camera Selfie Drone

#6 Plan your Storage

This is where most people forget and get stuck. If you bought your drone to take aerial photography, do take this action to manage all your photos and media. Take backups and keep your drone ready for next flight. we really don't wanna miss that amazing rainbow in the middle of an evening, do you?

General Rules

With this we will no longer delay your flight, just make sure you remember these basics for flying a drone.

  • Do not let your drone out of your sight. FPV will give you the view but stay within the range so you would not risk losing control.
  • Do avoid secured property and neighborhood that may cause privacy violation.
  • Do not cover the public events without prior permission
  • Keep updated about the change in flying norms.


We wish you safe and fun flying.



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