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5 Most Popular Types of Mountain Bikes

By JustPeri Drive August 30, 2018

Mountains bikes have different purposes for each riding styles and no bikes are the same. If you are planning on buying mountain bikes or just gaining some insights about it, this guide will get you started.

Before we start, a small step to gauge your riding style is needed if you are going to choose which mountain bike is ideal for you. A better way to find out is to ask yourself how you will be spending most of your riding in? Downhill or flat home trails and pedaling? Stay on the ground or test your ability in flying? If you have an answer to the above questions, it about time to start with types of mountain bikes.

Types of Mountain Bikes: Buyer's Guide

Here are the most popular and satisfying bikes to fit your needs. Either be trail bikes or fat-tire bikes, we got it covered.

Cross-country (XC)

A lightweight model that is made for endurance and higher speeds. Cross-country mountain bikes are for those who like pedaling and making it uphill rides. Also, it is built to cover more ground and make quick ascents without full effort.

It is the most widely available model and if you looking to be competitive rides, choose one with slightly heavier built.

  • Latest designs have the largest wheel size of 29" while the ultra-lightweight model has 4.7" or less suspension.
  • Some may find Front suspension only (Hardtails) preferable.
  • Tires focus on faster rolling resistance and efficiency and not made for control and traction.

Trail Bikes

Trail Bikes

Trail bikes are made to stand anything. Even though it is not built like it's specialized model, trail bikes can take you uphill and downhill all the same. It is suitable for all riding styles and if you have skill and confidence, you can achieve what other mountain bikes has to offer with this one itself.

It is built to make memories with the most relaxed and comfortable design. It also has decent efficiency and average weight with tires that balances traction and rolling performance.

  • It has a 'happy medium' 27.5" sized wheels but 29" of this category gained more popularity.
  • With suspension between 4.7" to 6" that offers good strength and weight reduction all at once.
  • Trails bikes are suitable for casual riders who have fun here and there.

All Mountain/ Enduro Bikes

All Mountain or Enduro Bikes

If you like some serious riding that involves real thrill than fun, these Enduro bikes are for you. Once you get them going, there is no stopping with strongest built and superior suspensions. This type is the real deal which requires more complicated skills to face rough terrains. With loads of gear and special chains that won't fall off during steep and faster descents, these are no ordinary bikes.

  • It has 27.5" wheel size but riders prefer other wheel sizes too.
  • Tires are made for aggressive cornering and traction.

Fat Tired Mountain Bikes

Fat Tired Mountain Bikes

Without a doubt, this is suitable for adventure seekers. fat tires are very much helpful in the loose ground where sand or snow can cause skidding. A sturdy look with racks of gears is anything but a great companion off-roads. Oversized tires with low air pressure can give more traction and explore the forgotten tracks at ease.

Check out our exclusive collection of Foldable Fat-tired Motorized bikes.

Downhill Bikes

The last but not the least! Downhill bikes. Are you one of those who hates to pedal but wants all the fun that comes with riding a bike? Then, downhill riding is best suitable for your taste as they can only go downhill and no other way. But your hate for pedaling comes with a price, you need good tactics and skill to handle the power of steep downhill riding.

Tires are what downhill bikes are best known for. they have thick ply and spiked thread that will give your control over any super slippery surface without losing a beat.

For further note, read more about reasons to buy Motorized bike


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