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7 Pro Tips to Operate your Drone in Cold Weather

By JustPeri Drive December 28, 2018

If you are a beginner who started off flying your drone this summer, then you would know that the winter is not the right time to take out your drone. With all the Christmas decorations, it would have been spectacular to capture all of the neighborhood if only the  UAVs are easy to fly and hard to crash. 

Low visibility, the risk of icing on the blades and equipment getting wet from snow are few of many obstacles you need to overcome just to click a good shot of the Christmas decoration. But that doesn't stop the professionals who use military UAVs for constant surveillance in the extreme cold conditions. 

Here are some great pro tips that would help tackle your winter problems if you love flying your Drone 

Keep your Batteries on the Check 

Batteries are vulnerable to extreme cold and all the drone use them as the primary source to power the motor and all other electrical components. If your battery goes down mid-flight, then you will have a serious problem in keeping your drone in the air for standard flight time.  

Here are some points to get by this winter season. 

#1 Hover a little to Warm up your batteries before taking flight. Or use a battery warmer that will easy up the job without wasting the energy. 

#2 Battery Drains fast in cold weather, so check your battery status during the flight. Just make sure you are well aware of the flight time in cold weather and keep your drone in eye insight. 

Tackle your Environment 

Tips to fly your drone in cold weather

Just use your basic senses to avoid all the extreme conditions like below zero degrees, unstable wind and blizzards. Also, beware long exposure to cold weather can build ice on your equipment. With that out of the way, you can still fly your drone in winters by using these techniques. 

#3 It is best to use a landing pad to avoid contact with the snow. 

#4 Fly with strong GPS to ensure safety with Reduced visibility. 

Keep Yourself Warm 

Tips to buy your drone in cold weather

Taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of your drone. So, make sure you are buckled up for the cold. If not, there is a good chance that you would lose control over the drone or worse, crash it somewhere that you won't be in a condition to go and recover it in time.  

#5 Beware, Cold conditions can affect your controller performance significantly. 

#6 To avoid getting frostbite or numb hands, use gloves and warm clothes. 

Ready your Drone Camera 

And one last tip that would get you and your drone winter ready. Relying on the Auto adjustment is such a time waster if you want some good shots on the first flight. Remember, you got very short span out in the cold to get the best aerial shot of the season, so do some homework. 

#7 Instead of Auto adjust, try adjusting your white balance and exposure manually.  

If you need more help with taking your aerial photos with your drones, then check out Tips  to improve your Aerial Photography.

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