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Smart Cleaning Guide For Day-After Christmas

By JustPeri Drive December 20, 2018

After a mammoth of house cleaning that went into the preparations ahead of Christmas, it gets really frustrating to do the same with all the decorations and unwrapped gifts. Not only you to clean up your living space to get it ready for the New Year 2019, but you may also need to put away Christmas presents and gifts in a proper place.  

In addition to usual vacuum cleaners and floor cleaning robots, there are some top gadgets that are suitable for cleaning your living room. 

1# A robot window cleaner 

Robot Window Cleaner

After all those stickers and hanging you placed on the windows, it may be tiring to take off those adamant glue residues. Use a robot window cleaner that will clean wipe your glass off strains and dirt to make it look brand new. Control its movement and find the one with reusable microfiber scrub pads for easy maintenance.  

Perfectly suitable for all high ceiling windows and wave goodbye to tacky ladders and stoles. 

2# A brush for your blinds 

A brush for your blinds

Yes, we know you just cleaned them for Christmas. But we should remind you that all the decorations you used may have left some traces in the living room which will find its way to those window blinds. But don't worry, there is a simple solution to clean your blinds in one-go. It is a smart way to clean three or more blinds at once. Also, the microfibers provide a super clean blind after a few light strokes. 

3# An automatic carpet cleaner 

Automatic Carpet Cleaner

After having a big session of unwrapping the gifts and throwing an awesome Christmas party, the carpets we laid for the day is better sold than the time spent on cleaning. Get this cool automatic carpet cleaner that will swipe your living room to give it a much-needed makeover. You can find carpet cleaning robots that spray and brushes the strains without damaging the rug. 

Christmas is all about family and friends getting together. Also, it is the time of the year, we show off our culinary skills. Everything has a price and it payback with cleaning your kitchen the very next day. Here are some kitchen gadgets that keep your cookware tidy. 

1# A microwave cleaner 

Microwave Cleaner

After some yummy cakes that stepped out of your microwave oven over the weekend, we should get it cleaned sometime. Some cool streamers are available online that can clean those tough food particles that struck on the inaccessible corners of the microwave without using any chemicals. A combination of water, vinegar and lemon juice is filled in the streamer and viola!! Your microwave oven will ready for reheating those leftovers. 

2# A super fast scrubber 

Super Fast Scrubber

Stoves are not a friend when you have to clean them. But some electric scrubbers are one of the useful gadgets that you could befriend this Christmas. There are a variety of brushes that are ideal for each surface. Take one of those scrubbers for cleaning your stove tops and be done with it in minutes.  

3# Sod Drying Rack  

Sod Drying Rack

This kitchen gadget will help you dry any articles in any shape. It is easy to clean and dry after long-term use.  

 And some gadgets to organize your presents 

1# Motorized Tie Rack 

Motorized Tie Rack

Let say you received some good ties as a Christmas present. If there are many ways to organize your wardrobe, here is one way to do it in style. Just hang all your ties in one hanger and rotate it to make your pick of the day. It is absolute fun to do some organizing this way. 

2# Hanging Jewelry Organizer 

Accessories Hanger

For women who love fashion jewelry but have hard time keeping them organized? Check out this cool hanger that will store all your pieces in one place without taking much space it the closet.  

Find some of the interesting fashion jewelry for women in our trending store. 

3# Play Mat for Kids 

This wrap and go play mat is a simple solution to "not-organize" your kid's toys. Children receive the most presents on Christmas and which means more work for parents to tackle all the toys that will be laying all over the house. Simple, make them play in this mat and wrap it for next day.  

 Still looking for gifts for children? Check out our affordable range of toys for children at JustPeriDrive!

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