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How to improve your Aerial Photography with Drones?

By JustPeri Drive November 02, 2018

Whether you are holiday shopping for Drones or already have one, we have some tips that will up your hobby into a very professional like aerial photographs.

Introduction of camera drones has changed the landscape of photography, literally. And having one or two skills in aerial shots can really help you make any occasion special. So, here are some expert tips that will improve your aerial photography skills.

#1 Monitor UAV forecast

Improve your photographic skills - Drone Photography

If you want to take some awesome photos, you need to have everything in your favor. Make a habit of checking UAV forecast before you plan the session. It will feed you with some valuable insights of weather and satellites covering that region on that date and much more than will help you have a safe flight.

Also, check if you are allowed to fly your drone in that neighborhood. It is advisable to have the property owners letter of concern before taking those perfect shots.

#2 Use the RAW file format

Every photo needs a little touch-up or post-processing that makes it more amazing. And using the RAW format will make it more adaptable to adjustments. Digital RAW is way better the JPEG images as it has wider exposure and colors that make it look close to the original landscape.

Some of the expensive Camera drones comes with in-built RAW storage. But if you are upgrading some Selfie drones, make sure you get one that supports this.

#3 Maintain Low ISO setting

Improve your photographic skills - Drone Photography

Selfies Drones have sensors with limited capabilities, so using a high ISO will not be effective as a Low setting. There are cases where images had some unwanted noise while using higher ISO more than 100. But you can prefer it when you are taking photos in the night or a dark setting.

#4 Lower the Shutter speed

It is recommended to use some low shutter speed if you are having a windy day. It lets you have enough time to allow more light into the shot. Also, setting up the ISO minimum can give a high-quality image with less noise.

#5 Get HD images with Panoramic shots

Improve your photographic skills | Drone-photography


One of the common problems many of the drone pilots face is the low-resolution images offered by the drones. It gets better with a better price but selfie drones are very limited in terms of high resolutions. To make the most out of it, use panoramic shot mode to overcome this shortage.

This will allow you to capture enough details that could make a difference in your usual drone photographs. If you don't have this features, you can manually take multiple photos from the same position and a different angle.

#6 Partner with shadows

Improve your photographic skills | Drone-photography

If you are bored with sunsets and skylines, this will lift your spirits for sure. focus on the shadows that will give your images a different life. Show the dark world some mercy and make use of the lights to add some natural effects.

#7 Make it follow

There are some best follow-me drones for an affordable price that could do the job right. It can show how others view you and what it feels like to see yourself from others POV. It will be way interesting and there are a lot of ways you can get creative with it.

#8 Finally, get creative

Everyone has a different story to tell as we perceive the world through a different lens. Tell a story that many of us heard a million times but in a creative way. Change the way you think, the images will change itself.

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