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Unlike the remote control toys that you have used in your childhood, RC cars are more sophisticated. Some of them use real fuel as nitro and have normal speed up to 50mph. Without a proper understanding of RC cars, it will be difficult to swift through different terrain. We recommend you to begin light and choose the right one to start racing.

Which RC car will be the best for you?

Let us introduce you to different types of RC cars which are specifically built to serve your need. Whether you want to race on-road or face some serious off-terrain tracks, we got it covered with a simple set of information that will help you decide.

Types of RC Cars based on the mode of action

RC cars

RC Car

One of the classic RC racing type that is suitable for winning your on-road races. These are lightly built and minimum suspension perfect for taking sharp edges smoothly. If you need with your controls, this one will get you going.

RC Trucks

RC Truck

As you may already know, RC Trucks are purely meant to take physical abuse. It is tough and rough to get you slashing through the wildest landscapes in which RC cars fail.

RC Buggies

RC Buggies

A blend of both the worlds of On-road and Off-road RC vehicle. It is tough as well as has good speed to take on the races. But not sturdy enough for real off-road racing.

RC Monster Trucks

RC Monster Truck

Why not take it up a notch? That's the sole reason for these soulless monster truck. Power of these babies will be a crowd pleaser. Superior built with massive engines that can climb and crawl up the rough paths. It has dirt for his best friend, so be ready for some dirty business.

RC Rock Crawlers

RC Crawler Toy

Nothing can stop them! They are strong enough to 'get over' anything you threw at their path. If you think you can challenge this with most rugged pathways, go for it.

Types of RC based on mode of assembly


Can't wait to assemble your kit, then RTR is the best match for you. Get them out of the box and get it going just like that. It's highly recommended for starters. With rechargeable batteries and transmitter, there is nothing there to stop you racing.


RC Car Kit

It needs some actual skill and work before you can take your first ride. It is custom made with the ability to suit your needs in ways you want it to be. Right combination will make you master in the track and wrong ones only eat the mud. So, the best bet is to have enough experience to pull off a stunt off-screen with these assembly kits.

Types of RC cars based on power

Electric RC cars

RC Electric Car

Most affordable option as well as comfortable to use. It comes with rechargeable batteries that can last for around 15mins run. You must have some spare batteries on-the-go for maximum fun. Usually, it has a good speed range for Off-road cars as 30-50mph while close to 100mph on-road.

Nitro Powered RC cars

RC Nitro Cars

As stated earlier, nitro is used for some serious racing. It has high power as well as high maintenance. It is a very good showoff, so be ready to have a fan base along with this one.

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