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What the point of Motor when you want to pedal away your calories? Well, we are here in favor of our favorite Motorized Bikes because we know you will be too by the end of this blog.

But first is first, motorcycle and motorized bikes are entirely different. People often confuse these two, as a result, it has projected our motorized bikes as an unsafe and dangerous business. With that out of the way, let's jump into convincing you why it is best to invest in motorized bikes.

1) Saves your energy

Motorized cycle - Saves Energy

Bicycles are the simplest means of commute that many of us tend to overlook because by the end of the day we don't have the energy to make it home pedaling. With the help of motors, we can easily glide through traffic at safest speeds and save our energy for rest of the night.

Also, those who are familiar with the bikes know it takes a good amount of energy to restart the bikes to have it going at an optimal speed. Traffics are riders nightmares where you have to move at the speed of traffic and have to push yourself to sweat it out before you reach the destination.

With motorized bikes, you can go zero to thirty in a matter of seconds by just hitting the button.

2) Face the hill without guilt

It's a joy ride when you go down the hill but every rider frowns the uphill rides. It's not the inclination that bothers most of us, the visual effect of reaching the top can discourage any professional riders. Believe us, pushing your bike is not as embarrassing as heaving yourself up.

Well, motors help you glide up as smoothly as you get down from any steep inclines. Also, you can take it off-road with our Fat-tired bikes just to feel the breeze.

3) Best for Monday Mornings

If you say Monday's are not that bad, contact us immediately to share your secrets with the rest of the world. Well, at least not all Mondays. Ever wished you want a minute vacation before you reach the office.

That's what the purpose of our motorized bikes. It not only takes you through the traffic but also lets you enjoy the sweet smells of nature. Fret not, by nature we mean Coffee!!!

4) Save Big on long-term

Motorized Bicycle - Saves Big Money

We read it too!! All the hype of the shortage of fuel across the globe, rising price of the gas can weaken any man's heart. So, make the switch before the global alternative "bicycles" hits sky high price.

Here is the best part many of might not know. You can pedal and charge your batteries on the go. And you will never ever be struck without gas in the middle of nowhere(by that we mean, middle of the gas station).

5) Too easy to maintain

Majority of us had our first car before the twenties and not all of us had a chance to get one out of the dealerships. In both the cases, we learned in a hard way that maintenance cost can get higher than the original investment. Instead, we had our second before it crossed the scale.

If you travel solo, it is best to get one of our bikes than a fancy sports car.

6) A choice towards a healthy lifestyle

You may wonder 'Bicycles do that, not with a motor'. You got a point there but why we find our fitness buddy locked away in our garage for too long to rust? It's all in procrastination. Those of us, who love to ride can't easily let go of the memories we had from our first ride and save it for a faithful day except today. Ages go by and we forget we even have one.

No excuses come with our hybrid bikes. Once you get it, you will automatically push those pedals. Muscle Memory!! that's why we recommend buying one instantly with our ongoing sales at JustPeriDrive.

7) Makes Grocery Shopping Fun

Motorized Bicycle - Makes shopping fun

Weekends call for the stock up! But let us agree, nobody is perfect. All of us have left out little important things that require us to run to the store. It can be frustrating when you park too far from the doorway.

But, if you have a bike you get to park to close to the doorway and motorized bikes make it faster and better.

8) Get your sporty looks on

If you think sports car are the only show-offs in the road, you have never seen a real biker. Nothing can look better than a person in a suit riding a bike. Well, it can't compete with motorcycle roar yet it will have a similar feeling.

And with motorized bikes, you will look anything but lazy! Well, even if you look lazy on your worst days, why bother? A person inside a car has no right to judge someone who has guts to face the road.

9) Ain't 8 reasons enough? You ain't that old, are you?

Even if you are, age is just a number to ride a bike. It can only make you look younger and better over time if you occasionally pedal. Let's say you are a CEO and can't take a ride without making calls. You make think it's not the best fit for your lifestyle but you are wrong. Either you need a break or a motorized bike for that matter. You can set up an important client meeting in a fancy restaurant or at a country club. But the family does not work like that. A joy ride around your neighborhood once in a while can overwrite your absence.

Believe us, you will never regret checking out our hybrid bikes that are fit for every need.




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