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Smart wearable and Trackers for Best Biking Experience

By JustPeri Drive November 05, 2018

Who wouldn't love some geeky gadgets that make their rides as cool as it already is? Whether you are using a traditional bicycle or an Electric bike, there are some smart wearable out there that can improve the way you ride.

There are thousands of trackers and sports watches available for sports and outdoor enthusiasts but we have found some exciting and latest version of trending bike accessories that you may love instantly.

Here are some best smart wearable and tracker for best biking experience.

#1 Firebox SeniTurn Wearable Safety Indicator Lights

Smart Wearables - Hand Indicator Light

First of the bat is Safety. This simple looking tech can save you money and hospital bills at the same time. Priced only $30, this hand indicator lights has features that easy to use and more reliable than overpriced tail lights.

It has adjustable straps that are made for every size and be suitable for children too. It automatically blinks when you lift your arms and has SOS and hazard light features in case of emergencies.

This one can keep you out of danger if are very fond of hand signals.

#2 LumaGlo Crossbelt Automatic Brake light

Smart Wearables  - Crossbelt LED Brake Light

Ever had some speed bumps while going through a busy traffic and got yourself worked up because of imminent dangers of having someone crash into your rear? Well, this LED crossbelt can sense you and save you any potential harm.

This is very light and has lights that automatically blink by sensing your movements. With the change of speed, the lights flicker in RED to alert the others instantly. Since it is a wearable crossbelt, it is visible through all angels. In addition to that, it has multiple moving lights if you are in dense weather.

This one costing you $40 can ease your mind and suitable for runners and riders alike.

#3 Bodytrak Biometric Smart Sensor

Smart Wearables - Biometric Smart Sensor


If you are looking for an on-the-go solution to all your tracking necessities, here is the high-tech savvy Bodytrak Biometric sensor for you. It is an earpiece that you can use for multiple specific conditions. It is one of a kind tracker that enables you to constantly monitor your movements and keep a record of the data on-the-go.

It allows comes with voice instructions that will help you stay focused. Meanwhile, it doesn't hinder hearing from your environment and able to eliminate harmful sounds that could impair your hearing.

In addition to everything else, it can be used to communicate with your family and friends as a comm system does.

#4 Recon Jet Smart Eyewear

Smart Wearables - Jet Smart Eyewear

If you are tired of smartwatches, this is the tracker for you. Recon Jet has introduced a smart eyewear that will enable you to monitor your steps and other metrics right below your eye. This modern piece of technology is something you would have seen in movies but thought it is too supreme to exist.

Yet it does exist and for the price of $499.99. It is very handy for riders who want to keep an eye on the map (pun intended!!). And those fitness addicts who can't take their eyes of their vitals (we can't help it!!). The display is on the bottom right corner so you wouldn't have data interfering with your sight. Also, did we mention you can capture some once-in-lifetime moments with its camera?

#5 NeoMe Mini Video Recorder

Smart Wearables - Mini Video Recorder

We have all seen GoPro videos and have felt the adventure just sitting in your living room. So, GoPro is your dream, this NeoMe mini video camera will let you record your action when riding a difficult terrain.

Easy to mount and easy to wear, this is one of the accessories you would love to purchase if you like seeing the world through your lens.

It is highly compact for 1080p HD resolution camera and it comes with an app that lets you control a number of features from time-lapse and social sharing. All under just $170.

#6 Onyx Smart Walkie Talkies

Smart Wearables - Walkie Talkie

Gone are the days of shouting to your buddy. Onyx walkie talkie is a cute and elegant gadget that lets you communicate over a distance with highly defined voice notes. You can have a loud interaction or a private conversation using headphones, this is a walkie-talkie you will need for your next ride.

Just priced at $199, it is light, compact and durable. It comes in four magnificent shades and can easily attach to any cloth or surface.

So, which one do you like? Comment and let us know! Subscribe to JustPeriDrive for More gadget and news.

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