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How Gadgets can help you live Healthier and Happier?

By JustPeri Drive November 08, 2018

With rising technological advancements, gadgets focus on making life easy for everyone. But on the negative outlook, the modernization has led to a sedentary lifestyle which has marked an increase in heart-related illness.

Also, there are new gadgets introduced every day to aid people to live a healthy and fulfilled life. You may have seen hundreds of fitness trackers but we got the unique collection of latest tech that could change your life for good.

AliveCor - mobile EKG monitor

Mobile EKG monitor | Gadgets for healthier life

You can skip your doctor appointment if you want to check your heart health. With this mobile integrated EKG monitor, you can track and check your heart stats everywhere. In just about 30 seconds, you can have a medical- grade ECG generated on your mobile screen. If FDA likes it, you may too.

6SensorLabs - Nima, mini Gluten Tester

Mini Gluten Tester | Gadgets for healthier life

This is a genius tech created by a California-based company 6SensorLAbs. Named Nima, it is a first operating model that will test if it is really gluten-free as promised. It comes with one-serve capsules that are used for testing the food. It will be very helpful for those who have serious allergies to gluten.

The Instant Hot Or Cold Pain Relief Wand

The Instant Hot Or Cold Pain Relief Wand | Gadgets For Healthier Life

You can skip your wait time with this instant Heating wand. It can also reach 43F or go up to 104F in a matter of seconds. It is portable and easy to use design make sit travel-friendly. You can have a nice therapy anywhere you like to treat your aching muscles. It uses 4 AA batteries so you just need to replace the batteries once in a while.

Atmotube, Compact Air Contaminants Monitor

Atmotube, Compact Air Contaminants Monitor | Gadgets For Healthier Life

If you suffer from breathing diseases like Asthma, you can only thank this simple innovation that could possibly save your life. This compact air pollution tester constantly monitors your surroundings and alerts you of the air quality. It makes note of the bad gases like CO and VOCs in addition to humidity, temperature. The body is made of Titanium and the smart LED light warns you about the status of the device.

SteriPEN Ultra water purifier

SteriPEN Ultra water purifier

If you are one of the Outdoor sports enthusiasts, you may know by now that it is an award-winning we are talking about. The SteriPEN water purifier uses UV lights to kill all the microbes present it the water and makes it suitable for drinking.

Within 45 seconds, you can have yourself some safe drinking water. In a single charge, the SteriPEN can treat up to 50L of water while posing a smiley face. If the water is needed more time, you will see a frowning face to indicate that the water still needs some treating.

Verilux- CleanWave, Portable Sanitizing Travel Wand

Verilux- CleanWave, Portable Sanitizing Travel Wand | Gadgets For Healthier Life

Another praiseworthy device for frequent travelers. This gadget is handy and can ease your worries of the level of sanitizing service provided by the airlines or your hotel. Carry this portable UV sanitizer and have all the germs killed in a wave.

It uses a UV-C technology that can kill bacteria and odor-causing germs with 99.9% efficiency. You can use on every surface you like and create a healthy environment for you and your family.

Slow Control - HAPIfork | Gadgets For Healthier Life


Eating healthy is okay but chewing your food is also important. This cool gadget will take care of that for you and helps you eat slow. This smart spoon monitors your pace between each spoon and alerts you through vibration if you are not eating slowly as recommended.

This uses a built-in accelerometer that records your speed and comes with a USB port to transfer the data to your smartphone/laptop.

Darma Pro

Drama Pro |Gadgets For Healthier Life

Another reason for a sedentary lifestyle is your desk job. If you are spending your day 8 hours sitting, then you must get moving frequently. Darma Pro will make sure of it. This smart cushion makes note of your posture, sitting time and reminds you to move with some mild vibrations. You can use the app to maintain the data and set goals for you to accomplish. It is a good start to break free of bad habits.

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