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Is Uber Reportedly Emerging as an e-Vehicle Giant?

By JustPeri Drive December 13, 2018

Early this year, Uber Technologies Inc acquired the dockless electric bike startup JUMP for about $200 million. Just months after JUMP became the first ever stationless bike-sharing service that was permitted to rent e-bikes in the state of San Francisco.  

Now, it is reportedly said that the Uber is having talks with startups called Bird and Lime to include electric scooters to their service. All three companies declined to make any official statement about this venture but the common sources claim that the talks are in their early stages and may not fall in place.  

What Uber has planned for its future? 

Uber - The Big Fish

Over the past five years, the rideshare rides in the states are comparatively less than the bike-share rides that were taken throughout China in the said period. There is a massive opportunity as Uber is expecting more of its two-wheeled vehicles to be hailed in the urban streets.  

After sealing the deal with JUMP, Uber Chief Executive Dara Khosrowshahi said the company is working toward its goal in providing "the fastest or most affordable way to get where you’re going, whether that’s in an Uber, on a bike, on the subway, or more." 

This year, Uber is exploring many verticals and even tried to buy the UK food delivery firm, Deliveroo. But what it will mean for e-vehicles since the Uber is taking much interest in it over the months. 

 Here are some takeaways from the Uber's JUMP Acquisition 

  • You can locate the nearest e-bikes using Uber apps. 
  • Many ride shares are expected to be replaced with Bikeshares. 
  • This venture can place Uber over its rivals as it is closer to its dream of becoming an urban mobility company. 

How e-vehicle market has changed last year? 

The year 2018 has been big for e-vehicles since electric bikes are not the only alternative to move around the city. With companies like Lime bikes and Bird released its Electric push scooter in the San Francisco, the people are taking interest to change the way they commute.  

Also, there are people who are not so happy about these e-vehicles zipping through traffic and getting parked at every corner. And most of the states consider e-bikes as a motor vehicle which makes it illegal in some areas. And Federal laws are trying to catch up with these new transportation options by forming a legislation around the e-bikes and electric scooters.  

What is expected from this acquisition?  

Uber - The Big Fish

Lyft has its scooter sharing service in place and it is about time for Uber to make the move with Bird and Lime to acquire electric push scooters. It is highly likely for Uber to finalize on this deal by end of this year. So, 2019 may see rapid growth in the e-vehicles market and we expect more to come this upcoming year.

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