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This year, Halloween falls on mid-week which is a big downer for office goers. From planning house parties, decorating it on the weekends and last-minute runs to the local market for stocking up the candies, everything about 2018 Halloween is exhausting.  Some adults may not have time and energy for office decoration which can be very disappointing and mood killer.

To keep the Holiday spirit going and brighten the mood, we got you a list of geeky Halloween gadgets that will scare you co-workers for good.

  1. RC Tarantula

The Tarantula can scare anyone no matter what age or position they are in. If you are among those or had a Tarantula for a pet, this RC bug is the right thing to start having the fun. With realistic movements and furry texture, you can easily fool anyone who is not careful.

RC bug - Best halloween props to frighten your guests

  1. Dead Doll Pencil Sharpener

Keep your scare on-point by using the Dead Doll Sharpener. Poke the pencil in the eye (umm, Doll's eye) whenever your co-worker annoys you that is enough to deliver the message. Suitable for those who love gothic gadgets which are best way for celebrating Halloween without any efforts.

Dead Doll Eye Sharpener - Best Halloween props to frighten your guests

  1. Bubble Fogger Machine

This one is our favorite. It has a non-toxic fog trapped in each bubble that when popped will create an eerie atmosphere in your office. Switch it on and have fun. One of the best fog machines that combine the fun elements with a scare factor. It sure does bring Halloween fun anywhere it is popped.

Bubble Fogger Machine - Best Halloween Props to frighten your guests

  1. USB Finger Flash Drive

This Flash Drive will ensure that you may never lose another USB drive again. Served Finger lying around your desk can grab the attention of other in a matter of seconds. To make it most interesting, Wrap a bandage around one of your fingers and place this in a sealed bag. Sound fun? We bet it is not the case to your friends.

USB flash drive - Best Halloween Props to frighten your guests

  1. Skull USB hub

It does more than it says. Skull USB hub will be your loyal servant and help you organize your desk. The Skull top is hollowed out and it leaves enough place for storing your keys and coins. And the 4 USB port is given in between the dental. We come to think that its teeth were lost a fight! A desk organizer in form of Skull is not just for Halloween. We suggest you name it before and introduce it to your friends.

USB SKull drive - Best Halloween props to frighten the mood

  1. Ghost Computer Mouse

It is cute and kind of scary. It is very hard to settle for one and it is going to be Silly. It is a perfect companion for those who lose something different in their everyday routine. After all, it is Halloween season, there is no stopping you from getting one of this Ghost-spirit mouse. Perfect gift for children too.

Ghost Mouse - Best halloween props to frighten your guests

  1. Halloween Tear Envelop

The last thing you and your colleagues want on the week of Halloween is a regular envelope. No matter what the contents are, try using those Halloween envelops so they will be reminded of the fright night just in a formal way. Halloween office stationaries are just the right way to do justice to keep the mood light and ready for the holiday.

Halloween Tear Envelope - Best Halloween props to frighten your guests

  1. Bloody Butcher Purse

To all the ladies, why worry when you have to carry these around. Bloody butcher clutch is a clever design which brilliantly goes with any professional outfit. Let your friends know, you will let those sleep peacefully if they skip your Halloween party. It is very elegant and scary that can hold your stuff safe and secure.

Bloody Butcher Purse - Best Halloween props to frighten your guests

  1. Skeletal Water Bottles

Drinking water is good for health and sometimes it can be boring too. But you will not feel the same if you are using the Skeletal bottles. You can thank us later but what other excuses to show off this cute bottle. Come on, it cannot be scary and cute at the same thing. We thought we are over this when discussing the Silly ghost mouse.

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Skeletal Water bottles - Best Halloween props to frighten your guests

  1. Scary Halloween Bookmark

Enough with cuteness!! Only the best for the last. Any bookmark can do its job good but only Camp Crystal Lake Bookmark can you and friends for good. Instead of relying on plain bookmarks, have a nice time with this one. If you are wondering what to read, check out our 2018 Halloween Booklist that make perfectly fit this Office supply.

Scary Halloween Bookmark - Best Halloween props to frighten your guests

(Warning: Start having fun at your own risk!!)

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