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Halloween Do's And Don't for Trick and Treating In 2018

By JustPeri Drive October 22, 2018

DON'T oversize your costumes

Halloween Do's and Don't

Dressing as a pumpkin and parading the streets can look cute but oversized Halloween costumes come with lots of discomforts. The one size fits all costumes can come in the way and you or your kids will have to deal with it for the rest of the night.

Also, it can be let you move around freely and can be a nightmare if you are in crowded places like a party!! Nor can you run or hide, so choose a costume or attire that is comfortable to be worn.

DO highlight your eyes

Halloween Do's and Don't

Face paint and Dolly makeups can be the most trending fashion and you may want to try them this year. But such choices do come with a price and require a whole lot of effort to get it right. And taking it off cannot be an easy task either.

Instead of spending time in front of the mirror, highlight your eyes and hit the streets. A good eye make-up will be quick and can do the trick in no-time.

DON'T worry about being simple

Talking about choose a minimal makeup to bring us back to the costumes. Just because everyone else is spending big bucks and going for a head-to-toe Halloween look doesn't mean you have to follow suit.

Choose a dress or costume that speaks louder with simple details.

DO agree on costumes as a couple

Halloween Couple Costumes

Couples who match each other's costumes are cute and romantic, but not every couple have shared interests. If you are one of them and you want something specific your partner may be like can be so frustrating for both of you.

You don't want to THE COUPLE who kills the party mood. So, stay on mutual interests or let him have his way. Who knows, some weird cute combination may brew that night!!

DON'T use too much of body paint

If you are going to party hard, the last thing you want is your body paint to leave traces on your partner. Also, the chemicals are toxic and can be harmful to you and your environment.

Check out the eco-friendly ways to celebrate Halloween for some clean ideas.

DO make use of your Halloween unleash your wild side

Adults who have no time for Halloween can really take advantage of the holiday to explore their wild side. We all know the rule "No judging on the Halloween", so wait no more and live your crazy dreams for the night.

DON'T give taken away or toothbrush

Halloween Trick or Treat

If you didn't have time for stocking up for trick or treaters, it is fine. But giving out some unused stuff or toothbrush are just no-no for kids. You wouldn't want some financial booklet when you are a treasure hunt, do you? Same goes for the kids, don't give the stuff to replace the candies.

DO take out your evening gown

Halloween Costumes

Some of us who have purchased a classy gown for a special evening can take advantage of Halloween. There are many TV shows and movies you use for inspiration which can give your gowns a new life. All you may need is little highlights and wigs or hairstyle to go with it.

Get a costume buddy and have the absolute fun.

DON'T disappoint eager trick or treaters by leaving your porch light on

Once you run out of candies or not planning on celebrating, don't invite kids to your house. You can just turn off your porch light. It is one way of letting them know to stay out of your premises.

Do have a lot of fun!

It's Halloween. It's scary and fun. Why miss out a dedicated day for going on adventures for the night. Go trick or treating, find parties or watch a scary movie on Netflix and stay home and read books.

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