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Best Halloween Candles and Holders

By JustPeri Drive October 12, 2018

Decorating for a Halloween party is all about hitting the right balance between the darkness and minimal lights. Who would need normal candles and candle holders when you want to invite the dead into the house? Halloween candles are just scary which makes them haunting in the low light setting. Come on, we just need the light at the end of the tunnel, not the creepy oozing skull!!

Just as you are getting curious about it, we have picked some of the best scariest Halloween candles and holders that will give you the best creeps.

#1 Witch Hand Candles

Witch Hand Candles - Best Halloween Candles

Hand candles are very popular but this one is totally cool and off the charts. Why settle down with some normal hands when you can have a Witch Handle candle. The details are on point that you may wonder, do witches have an eye on their palm for real? Whatever it is, you definitely don't want this witch to hand out our candies!

#2 Bloody Hand Candle with Skeletons

Bloody hand Candles With Skeletons - Best Halloween Candles

Another one!! Why do they keep on coming? It is getting bloody out here with this Halloween candle. The makers did go out of the limb and gave it a realistic blood touch. It is one among the best to give your guests some creeps. It gets worse until it is gone for good. But will leave a strong memory to withHOLD!!.

#3 Hungry Zombie Candles

Hungry Zombies Candles - Best Halloween Candles

Gone are the days that monster takes cover from fire and pitchforks. This Zombie Candle seems to pursue you to the end. They are gory looking and ugly for many reasons. Just right for decorating your dinner table as they get ready to eat your Brains. Just don't let them long last. Grab a bunch and head out in the night. Bring on the zombie apocalypse with these candles.

#4 Crying Candle Holder

Crying Halloween Candle Holder

Halloween night means someone out there is crying for help! But not this one. Innocent looking Rabbit cannot be trusted, believe us. It is one among the Crying candles that will leave a mark on your guests with some supernatural spell. Just Kidding but it is not a pleasant sight on the night of the Halloween. Some of the best scares come from these innocent helpless creatures. They Will Prey You, if you take your eyes off them.2

#5 Creepy Owl Candle

Creepy Owl Candle - Halloween Special

Yes, it is an owl and it is not so friendly. Wouldn't want this one to roam your living room in the dead of the night but will love to light it for the Halloween party. Something says it is not going to like it as much as we do. So, better maintain a good distance to stay out of its sight.

#6 Floating Eye Candle

Floating Eye Candle - Halloween Special

What's with the eyes anyway? Aren't they the most beautiful thing in the human? Well, only in humans and living beings we suppose. "A glass of wine" may not sound fantastic after witnessing this Halloween Floating eye Candle. Whether it is supposed to be chilling in wine or pool of blood, you may never know!

#7 Hypnotizing Baby Face Candle Holder

Hypnotizing Baby Face Candle Holder - Halloween Special

One final stop before we get to the ultimate Halloween Candle is this Printed Baby Face Glass Candle Holder. Like every other baby, we mean "evil baby", this candle holder can bring demonic presence into any party. It is all Chucky written over it, get attached to this baby at your own risk.

#8 Baby Face Ceramic Candle Holder

Baby Face Ceramic Candle Holder - Halloween Special

This is the showstopper. no matter where you place them or what scent of candle you use or even pleasant colors. Nothing can tune down the creepy atmosphere it can create with the residues of the candle. Yes, it is a baby and it can only bring agony rather than joy. Just the right thing you need for this Halloween.

Can it get more creepier?? Think again and check out our next blog "Ways to make this Halloween spookier than ever (Coming soon)"

Check out LED Skull Candles for last minute Halloween shopping!! And other Spooky stuff.


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