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Why We Love Scooter stunts (And You Should, Too!)

By JustPeri Drive July 25, 2018


If you have ever been to a skate park, you will know why we love scooter stunts. If not already, we will get you there with this article. A trip down the skate park is the one you will never regret. With current generation getting struck with their smartphones, the existence of scooter stunts gives us the much-lost hope on outdoor sports.

Before you change your mind, we will introduce you to the most popular and common scooter stunts that make you a 'homie' among the crowd. Just a fair warning, to perform one of these needs real practice than reading or watching how-to posts.

The Bunny hop

Bunny Hop in a Scooter

It's just like a hop but with your scooter. You need a good balance to work this one out. First, you will need your steady foot firm on the deck and lift one wheel off the ground. Then try other variations by fully lifting it off the ground without taking your foot off the deck.

The Kick-out

The Kickout in Scooter

Following the Bunny Hop, you can try incorporating the Kick out. Just when you are in the air, kick out your legs onto the side. Further, you go, the better you are at it.

The Ollie

Simplest but toughest to crack is the ollie. It is the foundation you will need to perform any other advanced tricks. Since it is the first trick you will need mastering, it is also the toughest to crack. All you need is to lift your handle and your feet from the deck. Also, it involves you taking the scoot up in the air that both the wheels are off the ground. And you must land your feet on the deck instead of ground. With time, you can try reaching more heights.

The 360

360 using Scooter

Everybody who knows about scooter stunts has seen this trick. When you are good with the ollie, make your move on the 360. First off, try a 180 before pushing yourself for another half rotation. Keep a firm grip in the bars and do an ollie. When in the air, turn your body in either of a direction with your foot on deck and land.

The X

It's an easy and cool trick to perform. Try an ollie and give your handles a 180 rotation and back before you touch the ground. balance is crucial whilst doing this one.

The Tailwhip

The Tail Grab using Scooter

This one is the start of the real tricks. When you are skilled to get high enough with your ollies, you can consider trying this one out. As the name suggests, you will need to whip your tail for a complete 360 turn and get it under your feet before landing. It will take time but when you get your appreciation, you will know it's worth it.

The Tail Grab

Tail Grab using Scooter

Let's take it easy here. Many things can go wrong here. One thing you will need the most is your confidence and LET GO of your handles. Letting go is not easy, so never try it if you are not ready. It will need a lot of time in the air, it will require you to bend and grab the rear end of your scoot and back to the bars before landing. If wording it itself is difficult, think out trying them for real.

And all these are enough for you to start loving Scooter stunts just like us. With knowing comes the power, hope we severed you better with an intro to scooter stunts. Keep up, because we are updated always.

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