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In the hunt for perfect Halloween outdoor decorations, we have come across some of the most frightening props that made us wonder whether it is a front yard or a graveyard. Here is the collection of front yard decorations that might give you nightmares for days to come.


Halloween skeletons

This one got us thinking who would have thought of this. We have come across many witches with a cauldron stirring something green. But this witch must have been doing it for ages that she turned into a skeleton before she could finish. Whatever the reason she has, Skeleton with a boiling cauldron is not as pleasing to the trick or treaters in the night.


Bogman Scarecrow

After seeing this, we are having second thoughts about celebrating Halloween indoors with some popcorn and Netflix. A Bogman scarecrow is one of the outdoor decoration we can never get used to no matter how many years it appeared.

It is a clear warning to keep out of the house but we must be engrossed in the getting us scared that we dare to enter.


Halloween Outdoor Decoration

Talking about graveyards brought us here for the Real stuff. Its one to put the fallen leaves to some use but why place lanterns underneath every tomb. It's interesting because we found out that those who lie there hate to hunt in the dark night of the hour.


Halloween Coffin Decoration

If graveyards are not enough, this one has the spirit lurking in the coffin. And we find the fancy lights quite uplifting than the lanterns in the previous one. Also, they have gone to an extent to imply the legends lay there. At least we don't intend to meet them any sooner. So, let's move on.


Halloween Skull Decor

One of the easiest but the scariest of all. Nobody can ever think of the logs as lifeless objects anymore. Just a worn out cloth over a well placed deformed wood is all you need to crack this amazing looking Halloween decor. Let's not forget the skull.

The end product is a giant crawling creature from the depths of hell. We definitely don't want this one to follow us home nor would Dorthy.


Halloween Decor

If you dare to step inside there yard, they will come for you and take you underground with them. Well, not if you maintain the distance from the haunted tree. This one is totally intended to keep us on the alert for rest of the night to check whether somebody is ghosting over us.


Halloween Micheal Myers

Michael Myers has been waiting for you ever since the Halloween released on the October. He seems very friendly and looks patient wait for you to finish your trick or treating. We think you are safe unless you are one of Judith's blood.

So, was it enough for you to get ready for Halloween?

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