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We are almost there. Halloween is closing in on us and with less than a week to go, we have found the cutest costumes for your kids to flaunt this Halloween. And most of them are Do-It-yourself and last-minute costumes.

Cute Caterpillar Baby Crochet

Halloween Costumes For Kids

They are warm and bright. Can it get better than this? If you want, you can pair it with some butterfly wings to make a pretty combo. It is a delightful pair and the best part is you can make use of it for the winter

Slappy from Goosebumps

Halloween Costumes For Kids

Slappy came back on-screen this October to give us Goosebumps and we would love to see some on streets this Halloween. Halloween Decos and witches coming to life is the last thing anyone wants this year. We have seen some pretty creepy stuff in Halloween Stores. Believe us, we don't want the real Slappy for the very reason we want real kids on street instead of real Dummy.

Speaking about last-minute, no work Halloween costumes, this simple DIY Slappy look can put use to your kids Tux in a good way.

80's workout baby

Halloween Costumes For Kids

Get on your fitness freak on Halloween and dress up your kids for some downright beats. Your kid doesn't need to be fit to fit in this super cute gym outfit. And a toy radio calls for anyone to bust a move or two. Bring back the golden days and sweet memories This Halloween. 80's in 18!!

Lucy and Ethel Costumes

Halloween Costumes For Kids

More than Half a century has surpassed but Lucy and Ethel can never get old. A colorful fork and matching wigs, you kids will rock the night. Who can deny some treats to your baby in this outfit?

Baby Boo for Toddler

Halloween Costumes For Kids

Boo season is on!! We want some freaking ghosts in town to cheer the Pumpkin Season. If you think Casper is the cutest ghost, you haven't met our Boo daredevil yet. We want more BOOs this season, what about you?

Baby Jack-Jack from The Incredibles

Halloween Costumes For Kids

What a fantastic summer we had with sequels from The Incredibles and Hotel Transylvania. Could we just forget our Jack-Jack like that? We don't think so. If you have a naughty one in the house, dress him up and have fun.

Hope he is not that much trouble like real Jack-Jack. It's Just one night even if he is.

Combo Tip: The Incredibles is trending this Halloween 2018. Why not try out a family outfit.

Miguel from CoCo

Halloween Costumes For Kids

Coco stole our hearts and the Academy award. We want him to show up at our doorstep once again this Halloween Night. Why did you not dress your kid in Miguel costume? We will be very disappointed in you if you really didn't.

Bonus: Parent and Kid Combo

Rapunzel on Tower costume

Halloween Costumes For Kids

If are worrying about what to do for your little princess and your partner put you tough spot to choose the costume. Worry no more.

Rapunzel comes to your rescue. We adored this costume trend and there are many more on Pinterest you can find if you like it.

Share with us, JustPeriDrive, what your Halloween Costume is, this year!

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