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Following “The Babadook”, “The Conjuring”, and “Insidious”, Horror flicks are something we wait for. Halloween (2018) is about getting on-screen, we have something cozier to feed the homebody in you. Why wander in the streets to get spooks when you can have it all under one roof in the comfort of your home. Stay indoors and find yourself getting lost in the Hell with these monsters.

Just the Top frightening Movies you can binge on Netflix this month. 

#1 Veronica, 2017

Veronica - Halloween Movies

A Spanish thriller that has been hiding the Netflix's shelf for you to find it on the month of Halloween. Veronica is for those whose are obsessed with Ouija board flicks. The Movie is itself a typical storyline of a young girl who in an attempt of contacting her deceased father awakens some-blood thirsty spirits. Seriously, Ouija on total solar eclipse, something not someone with sanity would attempt yet she and her friend did the exact same.

The 105-minute runtime would not disappoint you with all the details of eerie presence in her home. Just things are getting out of the hand the seeks help from a nun who is referred to as "Sister Dead". Guess it is one thing to look forward while the other is "based on the true story".

#2 Boys in the Trees (2016)

Boys in the Trees - Halloween Movies

Getting cozy with this movie on the fright night is not really the best thing but no horror films are! This one will keep you up at the night as things start to get "real". Without losing the beat, the movie sets on the Halloween'97 as the boys of the skater gang reunite on the last day of the high school. Upon sharing their dead secrets, things take a turn and get real around them. So, would you make it through the night of the Halloween with the Boys?

#3 The Transfiguration, 2016

The Transfiguration - Halloween Movies

Vampires never cease to amaze us. From looking like "Greek god" to hypnotizing young girls, what cannot be said about them. So, Milo is dead set on becoming a vampire himself and has an easy time down their preys but the plot unwinds the core theme of trauma and grief. Who would have thought right? The plot takes form when our vampire takes one of his prey to be his girlfriend. Both having lost their parents and Milo's using vampire obsession as a countermeasure is nothing short of taking your vampire love to a different level.

#4 It Follows

It Follows - Halloween Movies

Some films which promise a good time with some really chilling horror cannot be left out without a notice. This one is something fresh and can take you wits off the table. An entity, invisible to others, pursues anyone who had sex with its last target. Jay, after learning these tries to outrun the invisible form and try shooting it. Will she succeed and survive or the sequel continues?

#5 Coraline (2009)

Caroline - Halloween Movies

Animated horror movie? we are not kidding. Getting caught in a fantasy land called "Other World" which is much like a parallel universe. Lured into the Otherworld and getting trapped, Coraline tries to find a way back into the real world and like any well-animated character, she promised to reduce others. And you are welcome to join the ride where dreams turn nightmares to our Coraline.

Books You Need For This Halloween

If you are more of a bookworm and prefer to nail-biting thrillers, we got it covered for you. Here are some gruesome storylines that will make you flip through the pages in the late of the night. We suggest you take covers as it might get cold.

Reread: Halloween By Curtis Richards

Halloween by Curtis Richards - Halloween Movies

With Halloween is re-entering the theatres this month, we hint it is the right time to get a bite of this book. Get in touch with your old pal, Michael Myers before he tries to take down his older sister once again. It is nice to take a look back where it all started. Even if have read it before a hundred times, this one is not going down the racks without taking Laurie off the pages once and for all. Come on, its already been forty years Michael. Get your game on or we are not putting away this book.

With that, we will proceed with the latest goodies that are just right for staying home this freight night.

#1 Coraline by Bloomsbury and Harper Collins

Coraline by Bloomsbury and Harper Collins - Halloween Movies

A children Dark fantasy novel, as discussed earlier, Coraline is a young girl who gets to enter the Parallel universe which itself is a soul trap. Join her adventure up close by reading every hap she faces on her way into the real world. The question is "What would you do if you are Coraline and given a chance to stay somewhere else forever?" Before you decide, get to know what is really lurks in the "Otherworld".

#2 The Outsider by Stephen King

The Outsider by Stephen King - Halloween Movies

Can a horror list ever be complete without one of the mentions to the King? Terry Maitland has been accused of a gripping murder on an 11-year old boy. Despite his claims for innocence, the detective Ralph Anderson has enough evidence that confirms that Terry has blood on his hands. But the turn of events keeps on the edge whether the kind man like Terry can do such horrible things or it is just something more to the story? Either way, in the end, you will meet the monster yourself, so be ready for it.

#3 Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman

Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman - Halloween Movies

It all starts with a woman who is single-handledly digging a grave. Wait! Shouldn't it be water-based monster we should be reading about? Well, it's up to you to find out. But it's a bit of a surprise for those who watched "Downtown Abbey". Yes, the author of this chilly psychological thriller is Catherine who is known for her gentle-looking Mabel Lane Fox.

In a typical Honeymoon turned wrong as the couple stumbles upon something in the water that unfolds a series of unfortunate events for the newlyweds. With DCI agents taking interest in their activities, the readers will feel the moral dilemma the couple faces as the things take a high road for them. Well, this is not the journey we would like you to miss!

#4 The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn

The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn - Halloween Movies

The story of Anna Fox who likes to keep things indoor spends her day with wine and recalling memories. A dream for every adult? Well, she has a hobby of spying on her neighbors which turns out to be a mistake when she witnesses something terrible and something that was not supposed to be seen. Price of being nosy!

Read to know if what she saw is something that should concern you about your neighbors or just nothing of sorts really happened?

#5 Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand

Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand - Halloween Movies

“Reader, hang on for dear life. Sawkill Girls is a wild, gorgeous, and rich coming-of-age story about complicity, female camaraderie, and power.” —Sarah Gailey, author of River of Teeth

That's said, we are in for the final showdown of a group of girls who had enough of their friends disappearing out of thin air. This one is fresh and so good that the monster is the one who should fear the determination of these gang. Something we can except with our millennials and current generation who can outsmart the devil.

Get cozy and get scary this Halloween. Staying home doesn't mean you cannot decorate your home. Or we have something that will go with your books and movies. Check out the cool collection of Coffee Mugs that will kindle your Halloween spirit.

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