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How Drones Are Saving Lives At Times of Distress?

By JustPeri Drive July 16, 2018

Most of us, especially elder population have hatred towards drones that are invading their privacy. This negative outlook has hindered the true potential of the drones. In this article, you will learn how drones have grown from a cool gadget that can take spectacular aerial photos to save lives of thousands of people in times of need.

In recent years, drones have joined the official rescue operations by providing an aerial view of places where the copters cannot reach at given time. Introduction of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAV) has proven to be an effective and beneficial way to tackle situations that involves surveillance of the affected area. We will discuss some of the successful endeavors of our favorite gadget.

A brief look into the Hurricane Irma Rescue

Irma is one of the recent major destructive hurricanes that hit the Atlantic coast of the United States in September 2017. After the storm left Florida in a state od stand-still, drones took control of the air. It was widely used to assess the damage in the fastest way possible. All the road and rail lines were checked for finding the safest routes possible for the team to reach the spots.

After the Companies came forward to join forces with the rescue team, a huge number of UAV or Drones officially partnered in following days which eased the recovery of the aftermath of Irma. Since then, drones are looked as an integral part of rescue operations which not only can assess but also will be able to provide food and first-aid supplies on most unlikely places.

Things that drones can do and a man cannot

Here is a list of things that you may not actually know that your drone is capable of doing.

1) Taking thermal photography.

Thermal Drone

At times of fire, specially designed drones that can withstand heat and smoke are flown over the places that can estimate the escape route for the victims caught in the location. The feeds will be linked with applications that give live updates on the intensity of the fire which will help the fire department to handle the situation without much distress.

2) As lifeguard's assistant in the beach

Drone at the Hurricane

As the summer is upon us, aerial surveillance using drones are handy in handling the mass crowd. These type of drones have AI to detect people that need help and alert the officials in finding them. Also, some are equipped with life support that will keep the victim safe until the help arrive. With thousands of beaches spread across Australia's mainland, many saves can be saved in due time.

3) Assisting and coordinating rescue

Drone at Hurricane

A recent heroic incident, a drone helped a resident from Leilani estates to safety. With help of UAV, disaster management got alerted of the new outbreak of pāhoehoe lava that was heading towards a residential area. An evacuation was enforced and a drone got alerted that a resident is trapped in the location. the drone helped him navigate towards safety.

This has proven the drones are indeed a Blessing in disguise. We encourage you to get your kids or yourself one of the drones that may come in handy in dire situations.

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