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Will e-bikes really make you fit?

By JustPeri Drive December 03, 2018

If you are looking forward to buying an e-bike and have been reading more about it lately, then it is very likely that you may have come across the title "how e-bikes can improve your health?". But it seems like a joke, doesn't it? Well, you are not alone at that front. After going through some research conducted under, it is found that people find that e-bikes are really improving their health and encourage them to stay active. 

Will e-bikes make you fit

 What did the data suggest for e-bikes customers? 

From the research conducted in the UK which involved 609 surveyors and 241 potential participants, the following data has been acquired. 80 trail electrical assisted bikes where loaned for 6 to 8 weeks to study customer behavior towards the future of electric vehicles. 

Of the study, 76% suggested that they would ride their bikes if they have an e-bike available to them. While 38% said their experience with this hybrid vehicle has improved how they view it and they might take interest in buying the e-bikes in the future. 

Here are some take away from the research, 

  • 75% of those who participated cycled to work at once a week. 
  • 20% car miles were driven in the study period 
  • And as far as fitness is concerned, out of 80, 47 people self-reported that their physical activities have improved over the trial period that is close to 60% of total eligible participants. 

 How smart bikes makes people healthy and fit? 

e-bikes facts

It is a good argument if you were in conversation between two different groups who claim e-vehicles are for lazy people while the rest argues otherwise. 

To back up the good valve that e-bikes can bring to your health and lifestyle, the trail has some interesting facts and suggestions from the participants. 

  • The percentage of participants increased from 29% to 73% said that they will at least cycle to work of they had smart-bikes.  
  • Average 2 hours have been spent on their bikes. 
  • Some of the people were surprised that they ride at least 15 miles in their electric bikes to work. 
  • It is said that it takes same time or lesser than public transport to commute using electric vehicles. 

 Why e-bikes are less seen on street? 

e-bikes facts

Some factors like bad weather, prices and traffic have a negative impact on the e-bikes. But the market has seen a gradual increase in sales and many states are adopting their rules to fit the electric vehicles into the transportation. 

 Without a doubt, e-vehicles can motivate you to be more physically active and allows you to save the Earth one ride at a time. Buy our Folding electric bikes and make every ride an adventure. Shop now to get beat pieces with free shipping in the US.  

Check out our infographics on why you should buy e-bikes in 2018 to understand the growing market trends. 


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