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Ideas For Budget Shopping This Christmas

By JustPeri Drive December 07, 2018

We Americans are giving more than we receive and we are funding our Christmas spendings by putting ourselves in debt. To help you save more and free yourselves from possible debts, we have some handy ideas and tips that could be easy on your pockets this Holiday season.  

Many of you may have a limit on how much to spend. But Setting a budget is easy and respecting it is a different story. Here are a few tips to make budgets, a reality. 

1# Stick to the List 

Create a list before you start shopping for gifts. And challenge yourself to follow it. Randomly shopping for gifts will make you vulnerable to impulse shopping and many of the US adults claim to not like the gifts they receive. If you know might like beforehand and prepare a list within your budget, you can make everyone happy this holidays. 

 2# Avoid Last minute Shopping 

Do not procrastinate holiday shopping, no matter what!! You are more likely to count gifts instead of dollars. Busy Parents tend to shop more closely to the Christmas and just pay whatever is in stock. There will be no time for alternative choices or research online for holiday sales. So, avoid last minute shopping if you are looking to save than spend. 

 3# Skip Latest Editions 

Christmas Shopping - Ideas for budget shopping

Not every latest update matters to many people. Every month or every year the latest upgrade will be released and not many people care about it. So, buy old versions and pay less for the same. Remember kids will be playing with a toy for a while so don't spend more because limited Christmas edition is out. 

 4# Beware of Flash Sales 

Some On-day Sales exist all year. Don't just buy any product unless it on the List. You may think it a good deal but what good it is if you don't need it later. But don't hesitate if you come across something you want is on sale.  

 5# Limit your Credit Card 

Try Paying with your cash. "Odds are not in your favor" if you are Swiping away the Credit cards. Again, a list will help you determine how much you will be spending before you swipe. Credit cards come with interests so remember you are actually paying more for the same gift. And major downer is nobody knows you spent precious dimes over the actual price. 

6# Give, not Buy 

Ideas for Budget Shopping

It's gifting season. Share your love with other than showering yourself with gifts. We all can shop and love ourselves for the rest of the year. And you will be receiving gifts anyways. So, be mindful of your cravings. 

 7# Save on Wrapping 

Avoid wrapping every present instead try adding small elements like bows or wrap some presents. Wrapping and unwrapping is so Christmasy but its just a waste of time for adults. Be minimal. And. Simple. 

 8# Befriend Dollar Store 

Stop by Dollar stores and check off most of the list by spending less. You may bag some interesting gifts while you are there. 

 9# Make or Personalize Gifts 

Ideas for budget shopping

A thoughtful gift is close to heart. Try personalizing some important one and express your love. Instead of buying greeting cards, write your own words. After Christmas is not always about shopping for gifts. 

10# Start Saving Early 

If you plan big, start saving early. If not already, start early in 2019. :) 

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