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Tips For Safe Night Riding In Your Bikes

By JustPeri Drive November 26, 2018

If you love riding your bikes, then time is no exemption. But the roads are a dangerous place for riders at the dark hours due to its low visibility. So, here are few tips that will keep you safe from possible dangers on the road and keep you prepared for any situation.

Turn ON your Lights

Safe Night Riding

1# It helps you to see and be seen. Light yourself up like a Christmas tree, Yes, we really mean it. Have a light fixed in your helmets, handlebars and find some good tail light. There is plenty of safety gear that you could wear that will help you illuminate the way and warn others on the road of your presence.

2# Focus your headlight to the ground to avoid blinding the fellow drivers in opposite directions. Also, take advantage of it to know your path. Without it, you are practically riding blind in the dark.

3# Use USB lights that come with rechargeable batteries or solar powered. Having to run out of battery in the middle of the ride can cause a major setback, so we recommend you to carry some power bank along with your night rides. Always check the power before starting the ride.

4# Maintain a moderate speed because you may have a limited vision of your path ahead. And it will be dangerous to go in a speed that will not allow you to react in time if some obstacles fall on your way.

5# Choose a waterproof LED lights that are proven to outstand any other options available. Also, they are very convenient to use. Check out the smart wearables that will make your ride safer.

Keep Yourself Warm

safe Night Riding

6# Unlike driving a car at the night, riding bikes in the after hours can be a chilly experience. So, be mindful of the clothes you will be wearing while riding.

7# Use a reflective fabric or bright colors that are lined to keep you warm. Keep yourself bright and visible.

8# Wear some Warm accessories that will keep you out of the cold. Some Woolen gloves and socks will do a better job than what you wear on the day.

9# Always wear glasses that will keep dirt and dust out of your sight. It is always better to be safe than sorry. For the night, have a pair of clear glasses that don't fog.

Get Smart

safe Night Riding

10# Always check your bikes before riding out. Make this a habit because dark hours make it difficult for you to repair midway or find someone to help you. Especially, if you are having an E-bike, keep a maintenance routine and check the batteries fully.

11# Ride in groups. There will always be someone to turn to. Numbers can make it safer to ride at night.

12# Avoid new routes or always have someone in the group who knows the way.

Stay Alert!!

Safe Night Riding

13# Don't lose your focus on the road also, stay vigilant of the drivers beside and behind you. Don't let cars take over if necessary as it might be dangerous to ride close to rails with low visibility.

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