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How to Buy the Best Smart Glasses in 2018?

By JustPeri Drive November 29, 2018

With more availability and designs, the smart AR glasses have become cheaper and gained a worldwide popularity in a short span. Smart glasses are improving with better functionality that makes it suitable to have fun and work at the same time.

Here is a short guide that will help you make the perfect decision when it comes to picking the right smart glasses for you.

1. One thing to look out for is the list of specialized functions that are available for the price or your budget. Some of the common and useful features are,

    Camera - Almost every smart AR glasses are equipped with a camera that will let you capture the moment as you see it. One can have some fun with the cameras from taking pictures discreetly to do pranks on friends. Some have high resolution to record the videos and having the actual sight view makes it unique and gives videos a unique perspective.

    Track Activities - Smart glasses can do just about anything and like other smart wearables, you can get more things done and keep an eye on everything, literally!! From playing music, making calls, giving directions the features are just limitless. All in just a swipe away without needing your smartphone.

    Best Glasses in 20182. Similar to prescribed glasses, you can have them powered as well use as sunglasses to fit your needs. They are known for protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. And you may not need to worry about having your eyesight affected from the display.

    3. Most of the ARs are much like the traditional glasses and very few are made to look stylish and trendy.

    Comfort - Some are loaded up with features that required some in-built processors and under such conditions, the people may not feel comfortable with the weight of the glasses over the period of time. It ranges from about 0.3 and comes close to 15 ounces. Choose an optimal range the works for you.

    Use - It depends whether you are using it indoor for entertainment or you will take it out for a ride. Instead of buying something on a whim, check what are the best options and features available for the price.

    Looks - You may want a trendy look or have a discrete set up it all depends on your needs. Remember, the size and shape of the glasses must compliment your facial feature without looking too bulky or slick.

    Best Glasses in 2018

    People Who can buy Smart glasses and why?

    Business - It will keep you updated with notification without raising your hand to check your smartwatch or phone. You can easily make calls and share your location and update your activities on-the-go.

    Best Glasses To Buy in 2018

    Adventure Seekers - If you love going places and take pictures of what you see. This gadget will do you justice and wave goodbye to cameras. It may not be to par with professional shots but you can still take good quality pictures. And instantly upload them to your social media.

    Students - If you are a student and loves reading in a digital platform or forum, you can use them to your advantage. You don't need to go to someplace quiet and have a good lighting to read an important paper or take notes in a hurry. Just record the lecture and play it anytime you like.

    Everyone Else - There are lot can be done with this Smart glasses. One thing is having fun and enjoy your time. Just lay down and play your youtube videos and no need for your phone to get directions to the nearby coffee shop.

    With over 5 years after they have been introduced, we may get to see the year 2018 be the year of AR glasses. And the market is growing steadily as some of the big tech companies have launched their own brand of Bluetooth glasses.

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