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How to Clean and Maintain your E-Bike Correctly?

By JustPeri Drive January 05, 2019

Electric Bikes market is rapidly growing in the US states as more and more people are buying as an alternative mode of transportation. Being an electric vehicle, it needs regular care and maintenance for proper functioning and long life. Unlike regular bikes, you need to be extra cautious when cleaning your Electric Bikes.

Here are some key pointers that will help you clean and maintain your Ebikes without spending so much money.

Caution: Never use steam or high-pressure cleaner

The usual set up in your garage would be too wrong to take off the dirt from your E-bikes. Since standard and mountain electric bikes are popular, it is more likely to get some tough dirt accumulated on every trip you make.

As water may get into the electrical components, you must avoid using High-Pressure cleaners. Gently use a sponge or scrub to do the bidding.

#1 Separate Battery and Displays Before cleaning

Cleaning Your E-bike

The very first step is to R\remove battery and displays before you start cleaning. Almost all the batteries are removable to make it suitable for charging but not all displays are. In that case, make sure water doesn't come in contact with it by covering it with a cloth or film.

#2 Don't be too aggressive

Strong cleaners may have some corrosive properties that may affect your electric bike body over time. If you can, it is preferable to use cleaners that are in available in specialty stores. Even regular soap or washing solutions can do the job fine but use the ones that do not damage the material body and seals.

#3 Dry or Coat the Battery Mount

It is understandable if the water gets into some of the electrical elements especially the battery hub. If water enters the battery mount, make sure you dab and clean it dry using a clean cloth. Once it is dry, use some special anti-corrosion grease that is suitable for technical parts.

#4 Remove Excess Lube

Cleaning Your E-bike

All moving components but be lubricated after some proper cleaning except for the disc brake. And excess grease may attract more dirt to the drive chain and get it gummed. Doing the lubrication properly will avoid regular deep cleaning and improve performance. It is best to use spray lubricates or oils in the areas that are free to move and remove excess lube with the help of a clean rag.

#7 Properly Clean During Winter

Battery performance may be affected during the cold weather which may overwork your Ebikes if your regularly using your bikes out in the cold. After each ride, remove the water sprays and allow it dry well. Keep your Battery and display in a dry place at room temperature preferably above zero degrees.

#8 Perform a Short Function check

If you have completed everything we have mentioned above, you Ebike is almost ready. Once getting all the parts in place, it is good to check the proper working of all the functions. Check whether the battery is engaged? Does the drive work? The different mode of operations respond correctly when pressed?

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