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Tips To Buy Your First Professional Drone

By JustPeri Drive November 21, 2018

Having a drone can be an exciting hobby as it offers some unusual perspective to ordinary things. But to develop your aerial photography from a hobby to a profession, you may need more than just some additional skills.

Many of those you wanted to set their own drone photography service has reported to replace old drones and buy a new set of the camera within a short span to fit their needs. Not every high-end drone you can purchase will not take the photos you need so a bag of tips and tricks will get you started.

Here are some features to look for when you want to start your drone business.

#1 Know Your Budget

Know the price ranges available and set a spending limit. There is a wide range of drones from big brands you could find with unlimited features that can be overwhelming sometimes. If you don't have an actual budget, there are chances you can easily spend more for features that may not be useful for a very long time.

So, limit your budget to get a decent professional drone that has following features for the best price. The recommended price range for beginners is to stick within $500-$1000. As your skills improve, you can upgrade without worrying about losing this drone.

#2 Minimum Flight Time of 18 Mins

Tips to buy drones

Drones are indeed a revolutionary technology but every tech has a major drawback. For drones, it is the flight time offered by the batteries. Batteries are the main source to power the rotors and keep the blade spinning all the while recording the amazing events happening down below. A bigger the battery, heavier the drone will be. Lightweight designs have limited usage.

So, choose one with removable batteries for switching it on-the-go. If not, you may have to plug in the whole set-up for charging that may take double the flight time. Believe us, it is not so delightful if you are capturing a live event and getting paid for it.

So, at least go for a minimum flight time of nearly 20mins and some of the features mentioned next as it may save your day.

 #3 Smart Features To Look For

Follow Me, Return to Home, Waypoints will make the job easier and safer. With drones that are packed with multiple features, prices may get steep. Also, you can settle for these minimal but important ones so you don't have to worry about crashing your drone when the battery runs low.

Return to home feature, inbuilt GPS and integrated flight mode that can be controlled with your smartphone are some of the basics that must look out for the recommended price range.

#4 Enough Range and Speed

Tips to buy drones

If you think a high-speed drone is so professional so does the skills you must have to fly it. For beginners, it is okay to maintain a nominal speed as it will help you recover if you come across an obstacle in the course. Or in a blink of an eye, your drone may crash and you may lose it forever. And consider the range you will be operating in, just hovering over your head or planning a long-range shot. Just keep your drive within range so you may not lose it or break the drone rules for that matter.

So, it is important to consider your skill level and choose a suitable range of operation and speed.

#5 Image and Video Quality

A good video drone should shoot quality video at the highest resolution and frame rate. And functions like attitude hold can help you maintain the position until you get your perfect shot. You can find the right resolution to work with and upgrade the camera if necessary.

And there are ways you can improve your aerial photography skills to a professional level, so buy a drone to get started.

 #6 Portable Design

Tips to buy drones

Make sure it is easy to carry as it will be a big time saver at times. A bulky design with loaded functions and night vision can seem trendy but it will need some time to set up. And like bicycles, you may have to wait some time for the rotors to pick up the speed. So, a portable design will cut down the time wasted on unloading the drones and minimize the time it takes to get ready for shooting.

 #7 Don't Forget the Motor

Drones are noisy. Period. But some model worked on improving their design and came up with a brushless motor. The brushless motor offers noiseless operation and longer lifespan. And it is recommended for beginner to investing in as they may get distracted by a noisy operation and disturb the event as they stay close to the ground.

#8 Open to Upgrade

Decide whether you will upgrade your camera to your own or use the Drone Camera. Some low-cost model has an inbuilt camera and twinning them is not an option as it may cause an imbalance to the drone and misbehave in the air. If you are open to upgrading options in your existing drone, consider the customizable model. Many professionals prefer their own camera to be used. Still unsure about it, save this option for later.

Compare the drones within your budget and find the most suitable one that has what you exactly need. Some may need assistance during flight while others need a good automated video recording, so find the best drone that fits your need.

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