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Parent's Day: How Gadgets can bring you closer?

By JustPeri Drive July 20, 2018

Some Holidays are more recognized than others. With Parent's Day upon us this week, we encourage you to make time for your kids and plan some outdoor activities with us. We grew apart when a simple text message is used to greet our family and friends. When our kids go off to make it on their own, we all regret to have spent more time with them.

We at the JustPeriDrive valve bonds as much as business, so we recommend some fun excuses to take them away this weekend.

Ideas to make this Parent's Day or any holiday remarkable with our range of sports gadgets.

#1 Plan a Photoshoot with Drones.

Yes!! Photoshoots are memorable and social media worthy. Just a simple portrait or an extravagant shoot, both of this calls for a failure. Don't be surprised, if we suggest spending a whole day on it. When a selfie needs a fifty plus clicks before it hits the feed, no doubt, your shoot will take much longer than anticipated.

#2 Learn to Fly your Drones

Using Drone in the Beach

Aerial photography is trending and can give your albums a different perspective. Remember the best views come from the hardest climb. That's where the drones come in. Fly your drones and get a chance to chase the sunsets. Those who never had time for gadgets their kids use at ease. Impress them with your coolness. What is better than helping your kids take their photos taken?

#3 Teach them Skating or Take them to a skatepark

Dad teaching skating to kids using Skateboards

If you ever skated and had hard feelings when your era ended with technology, take your kids to skate park. You will get a chance to relive your childhood and show your kids how much the sport is fun and what kind of adrenaline rush it is.

#4 Get them on the bikes

Some of us missed our kids for the first ride while others are too afraid to let them on wheels. But bicycles are more advanced with motor and well self-balanced support. Biking through a neighborhood or a countryside is way refreshing than a car ride. It's like a mini vacation and good therapy better.

#5 Either Hover or Scoot along with them

Instead of driving your kids in your car, get some stuff that involves you and improves your communication. You get to race each other or challenge them with simple tricks. Some things never get old. Bring back your childhood days with these modern gadgets.

How-To be successful in it:

Free up your schedule as well as your kids. Make no mistakes. Respect the effort others put in and match their interest by putting off your work for one-day.

Instead of planning a picnic and using your phone all the time, try one of our activities to spend time as a family. Give yourself a break, who knows, you might as well get to know them.



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