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How To Clean And Maintain RC Cars?

By JustPeri Drive November 16, 2018

RC cars are made to get dirt and mud on them. If you are keeping RC for a hobby, then you will know cleaning is also a package deal. Even a single run can built-up dirt and it is better to clean them often. Let's discuss what you will need, how to clean individual parts as well as tips to maintain your RCs.

What may you need?

  1. Portable Air compressor
  2. Quality bristle toothbrush
  3. Bleach and Ammonia free cleaner
  4. Soft cloth
  5. Tissues or Newspaper
  6. Waterproof dirtbag

Now, we will discuss how you can use them to clean and deep clean individual parts.

Regular light cleaning of RC cars

After every run, specs of dust and dirt may stick to the body of the vehicle. It will eventually deter the performance over time, so better use a small air compressor to dust off the exterior. If not, use a bristle brush and brush gently against the surface.

If wet, dab them clean and let it dry. Do not use water or other cleaners that could damage the electronic parts. We shall discuss how to deep clean your RC after a serious off-road racing.

How to clean individual parts of an RC vehicle?

Step:1 Remove the tires for cleaning

Cleaning the tires is always confused with washing them. we recommend using a cleanser spray and leave it a minute before brushing them. This methods warranties the life of the tire.

If you are using form tires, avoid soaking them in water as the water may enter through the air holes and wet the form. This will lead to increased weight and may smell if left unnoticed.

In case, the water that has entered the tire, follow these steps.

Poke small holes or drill them as required.

Don't cut the tire as it may tear it while running and also make sure that the size of the holes are small as rocks may puncher your tires.

You can either squeeze out the water or fit them to the RC and run them freely in the air for the water to spill out.

Step: 2 Cleaning the chassis

Cleaning the RC cars

The car chassis has to be cleaned carefully. It will take time but it can cause damage to the RC if not cleaned properly. Using an air compressor and brush will do the job but for heavy dirt follow these steps and tips

Spray some cleaner or denatured alcohol onto the parts but make sure you avoid the electronic components. It will help you remove hardened dirt easily. Use a brush or clean rag to remove it.

Wet wipes can work magic on your chassis if used properly. Also, you can use water if the RC is fully waterproof and make sure it is completely dry to avoid rust.

Step:3 Cleaning the bearing and gearbox

Cleaning the RC Cars

You may need to remove the bearing and gearbox once in a while. This will ensure the good performance even after a long period of time. Degrease the bearing and balls then re-oil them until you feel them run smoothly.

Gears do need some cleaning and re-oiling for smooth transitions. Remove and wipe them clean. Once dried, oil them before assembling.

Step:4  Polishing the body

Clean your RC cars

The exterior body of the RC car takes in all the rough blows and lose its charm soon. You can simply water it off with cold water and for heavy muddy runs, use soap with hot water. Every now and then, polish the surface for a fresh look.

Step: 5 Resemble them

Voila!! Now, you got yourself the RC Car ready for next track.

Tips for maintaining your RC car

  • After a couple of runs, make a routine maintenance check for moving parts. Inspect the air filter, shocks and servo motor for anything unusual.
  • remove excess fuel if using a nitro-powered RC car. The fuel attracts moisture which may rust inside of the engine.
  • Use a waterproof dirtbag to carry around your RC. It will keep your place clean.
  • Using a degreaser will keep the plastic new and tidy. Just wipe the car with it after cleaning.
  • You don't need specialized tools to maintain your RC. A clean cloth, toothbrush and Q-tips will do a fine job.

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