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Age of Drones - Flying into the Future

By JustPeri Drive May 23, 2018

We live in future, well… not exactly, but the times we live in are drastically different from what the people in our past would have imagined as future. We live in the age of technology where nothing is grounded and everything afloat and online. Even our toys have started to move from being land based to getting the power of flight. With this transcendence toys are no longer exclusive to children and have started attracting adults too. And the perfect toy/gadget for adults and children is none other than Drones.

Drones are the modern birds. Instead of grapes and little seeds, we feed them electricity. But boy drones are fun.

Drones come under unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as UAV.  The idea is rooted in the history of a war when Austria attacked the Italian city of Venice with unmanned balloons loaded with explosives, in 1849. The balloons launched from the Austrian ship ‘Vulcano’ were scattered by the winds to unintended places, while a few were blown back over Austrian lines. Only a few balloons reached their intended targets.

Though the history of Drones is grim, being initially used for military purposes, but as time progressed, their use was adapted into various other fields in various forms. Now drones are a vital part of various real life situations like search and rescue operations, policing, firefighting, surveillance, aerial videography, aerial photography, mapping, weather monitoring and a lot more. Drones are also being utilized in other causal applications such as items delivery, domestic videography, and more.  This technology is also allowing hobbyists and casual users to become familiar with drones and their operations.

We have now reached a stage where drones have silently entered our lives. Nowadays, drones are being used widely for various domestic applications. Here are a few cool reasons why drones are cool to have - 

  1. Can take cool pictures for your facebook and Instagram
  2. Get crazy videos for youtube
  3. Track and find your lost pets and/or people
  4. Will help you get that one superb parking spot
  5. Monitor your surroundings.
  6. Get that ball stuck on a high tree
  7. You can race with your friends
  8. Kids love them!
  9. Easy to buy, just go to

And coming back to my first point, ‘the times we live in are drastically different from what the people in our past would have imagined as future.’ Drones are now widely available for public use and are actually the most sought of tech toys in the world.’s offers 4 cool drones for you. Check them out now!

Apart from Drones JustPeriDrive offers various other cool toys, gadgets and tech vehicles like electric bicycles, hoverboards, skating boards etc. Your Millennial toy store!

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